Can't buy other premium tiers except $20

Earlier today, I was trying to get myself some Roblox Premium but I noticed only the 20 pound option. Even weirder is that I am not in the UK, I do not use a VPN and I can’t find the option to change it anywhere. I’ve tried many things even setting a VPN to the Netherlands instead of using no VPN at all but nothing works. Anyone have a solution for it?


I think that Roblox Client try to get all premium offers but fails. So it’s make visible a test offer.
Go to roblox website if it’s works.

I am on the website, not the client.

you can to Roblox and next to the robux are premium subscriptions of the same price

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Roblox Staff haven’t seemed to acknowlege it yet (from what I’ve seen)

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I have a temporary fix for this issue after playing around a bit:

While on the page that shows all the premium subscriptions, click on whichever premium subscription tier you have available, and then click on the payment method you want to use. Go up to the URL bar and look for “480”, “481”, or “482”

Change that number according to the tier you want to purchase

  • 480 for Premium 450
  • 481 for Premium 1000
  • 482 for Premium 2200

I have not tested actually purchasing the plan after following these steps, but there is no reason it shouldn’t work, in the case that it doesn’t a refund should be extremely easy to get


Since the other plans are normally unavailable, I think you shouldn’t purchase one since there’s a chance that the payment might go through without actually getting Premium

It brings up the right plan and the payment screen is the exact same as normal. On top of that this bug isn’t region based rather account based as my alt accounts all have different plans available.
Worst case scenario you email Roblox support and get what you paid for/ your money back as you would have proof of purchase from purchase statements or whatever

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this doesnt work anymore, it redirects when you change the number, why would they patch such a thing

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Also have this same issue, note that the $20 plan is what I purchased last, so this may have something to do with it.