Can't edit R15 character's body color


I’ve been trying to change a R15 character model’s body colors by using the BodyColor instance. However, when I do that, it doesn’t do anything. I’ve found out that it only applies to R6 models, despite the fact that should’ve been fixed way back.


Once I put a Humanoid in the model and set the RigType to R15, it messes up the colors, despite having a BodyColor instance inside Humanoid. It also puts the material back to SmoothPlastic.

The character is made out of MeshParts, just in case that might cause it.

Edit: Appears that whenever I put transparency or reflectance on a limb it does change the color and material.

Can you upload this character model? (or send in a PM)

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If you are still having this issue, can you provide more information? I wasn’t able to reproduce what you described in Studio.

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@Homeomorph has helped me out! Not sure if it’s resolved yet, haven’t been able to test. Is it possible to add people to DM’s on the DevForums?

Edit: Appears so :stuck_out_tongue: