Can't put UGCs on sale



My friend has 2 UGCS uploaded under his group and since the uploader got kicked out of the program we cannot put the back on sale

When i click publish

The console

The site if i open it

I tried looking for solutions but none of them gave me an answer to this exact problem


Roblox has updated the requirements for the UGC program and for group owned items, the group owner has to be subscribed to premium 1000/2000.

As for the error you see in the console, HTTP status 403 means forbidden and the response you see when you visit the API URL is a 405 response which means you cannot interact with the API using that method, specifically GET which is what browsers use when visiting URLs. You may get more information if you try calling that API endpoint using the appropriate method (which most likely is POST) with a program like postman.

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Hello, thank you for the quick response but we both have 1k premium

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Unfortunately you cannot put UGC on-sale that was by a kicked member, you should post this in #feature-requests. (I so would because I have this problem but devforum level up is impossible)

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Thank you with this answer but i sadly cannot post there either

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its happening to me too, but i have the ugc uploader in my group still, and it doesnt let ME (not the ugc creator) put my items on sale

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You don’t have Roblox Premium.

i do have roblox premium 1000 ON MY GROUP OWNER ACC, and when i log into it and try to price the items it gives me that god damn 403 error still!!

You’re Uploader seems to still have access to UGC, you may have to ask him to do it, as

HTTP 403 Forbidden response status code indicates that the server understands the request but refuses to authorize it.

Attempting to put an accessory onsale by myself, that WAS revoked due to inactive UGC Creator, leads to this error:


Which I believe means Missing UGC Permissions.

  method: "POST",
  url: "",
  contentType: "application/json",
  data: JSON.stringify({
"Price": 50
}).then(data => console.log(data)).fail(error => alert(error.responseJSON.errors[0].message));

This is a mutation of the original code that you’d input on the website’s console to change avatar pose, though made to use the on-sale endpoint. I’m not sure if its against the rules to put something like this here, but I attempted to use the publish API, doesn’t seem to work for me. I found the specific endpoint on this post.

tried this thing,

intresting… it didnt say u have to have id verifiacition to put on sale items, it said its not required for group owners? idk who they ment as “publishing user” but it def didnt say that you need id on the creator dashboard

I thought it was standard to have an ID, that is infact the problem and verifying will allow you to on-sale them.

rlly strange that roblox didnt say that in this thing, it would confuse alot of ppl

I’m pretty sure it requires you to have an ID Verified to access UGC in the first place, which I believe would be a hint to many if they attempt to configure UGC.

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Boy, do I have the announcement for you:

This is a bug-reporting update, attempting to on-sale UGC that’s by a kicked creator will return an error familiar with recognizing the server understanding the request but refusing to authorize it, meaning its intentional.

Feature Requests are later, but this isn’t a release announcement for that, more like a promise.

Sorry, I should’ve clarified that I meant the part of the post where they mentioned that leveling up on the DevForum might come back soon

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