Cartoon lighting settings?

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the lighting settings for a cartoon-theme game i am working on(including the contrast and saturation). Whenever i try to adjust the color shift top and bottom the game always looks horrendous in my opinion.


A high blur and low saturation and bloom is usually enough from what I’ve seen.
I found a place with a 2 second model I did after seeing someone post a picture of it and applied some lighting effects right quick and ended up with this:

1, 25, 2
Size 4
.2 contrast and .6 saturation.
Probably not the best settings but idk how cartoony you want it.


Maybe consider using the Shadow Map tech, and also make the exposure a bit higher than average and of course a high blur and bloom are essential for a cartoony lightning as stated above.


Here’s some expertise that I received awhile back regarding the fundamentals of cartoon lighting.

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the problem i have with using blur is that it it only looks good on high quality and on any other quality levels it makes the game look foggy. I guess that’s why most popular games don’t use a blue in their lighting, i think


I never really payed attention to that, but it might be true.
If so then just avoid using it and keep playing with the brightness and the other setttings until you find the perfect match for the style that you would like.


Just as some advice I would generally shy away from too much Blur. Unless it is a showcase or you need it for something specific. It can really annoy a lot of people trying to strain their eyes to see.

I never put Blur higher than a 2 and the maps that use it are pretty detailed.



I tend not to use bloom effects in cartoony-styled builds, instead, I use the basic lighting settings and colour correction with sun rays to give me that cartoon atmospheric feel.

Here is my typical lighting setting for cartoon builds:

Lighting (in explorer)
Ambience: 163, 163, 163
Brightness: 2.67
Outdoor Ambience: 128, 128, 128
Technology: I typically use shadow map (0.27 softness) or voxel

Color Correction (add it into lighting)
Contrast : 0.1
Saturation : 0.3
Tint: 241, 241, 231 *(in my opinion a tiny tint difference goes a long way and makes it feel more “warm”)

People usually overload their lighting settings with too much saturation and bloom which for me, personally, takes away from that cartoony environment but also is wayyyy too sharp to my eyes. Moreover, as much as lighting is important, the cartoon environment majorly relies on good colour choices on the parts, something that’s not too brightly coloured but also not too shallow and dull; pastel colours are usually a good example that matches the in-between of those.

Here’s an example of my lighting choice and some colour examples:


i am preety late but there is amazing lighting settings by the developer @HolidayPwner