Chanel & Co's Official Handbook

Welcome, to Chanel & Co’s handbook!

You shall find all information regarding the group here! This includes the following; Rank Guides, Group Rules and Game Rules, including a step-by-step guide to becoming an MR!

If you find any information spelt incorrectly, or deleted please let IDylxnI know!

Links to our different guides :

Rank Guide : Our rank guide :slight_smile:

  • For information such as telling you the purpose of ranks.
  • Subject to be updated when new ideas or ranks are proposed.

Chanel Rules and Regulations : Our group rules :slight_smile:

  • Information on what is allowed at Chanel & Co and lists of things which can get you banned.

  • Subject to be updated if new rules are implemented.

How to become an MR : How to become a MR!

  • Gives a detailed description of how to improve your MR application at Chanel & Co.

  • It also tells you how you could possibly be promoted further!

I hope you all find this portal helpful,

Vice President Of Chanel & Co.