Change MeshPart.MeshID [unscriptable] to [PluginSecurity]

Alright so the title pretty much says it all. I understand the issues associated with allowing it to be Scriptable for clients in-game but allowing the capability for Plugins to access this property opens up a trove of features we can add to our plugins involving meshes.

This post is meant to be a addon (or rather a more articulated form of Making MeshPart's MeshID readable , so check that out.)


I remember reading somewhere that the reason the MeshID of MeshParts are neither readable or writable is due to some weird restriction set in by the way the engine/system works - which isn’t really intentional for the actual plan of MeshParts.
That is to say, it’s very likely that the property will be able to get read (and possibly also written to!) both in studio and online sometime in the future, once the meshparts are further developed.

Although for Zeuxcg’s comment found here it seems like the ID may not be wanted as publicly available as some developers do.

I’d wait a bit, and see what happens to the MeshID property. If it turns out to not be readable from online play, that’s a feature request to make for that time. Writing to it in studio would be nice, but some comments from the ROBLOX staffs involved in the MeshPart project may elaborate on the difficulties of that feature.

Any updates on this feature?
It’s really annoying when rojo can’t sync .rbxmx models with meshids in it.

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