Change ROBLOX's profile name to Roblox

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to take the brand-name change seriously when the Official Roblox account’s name is still ROBLOX.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because people would be less likely to forget that Roblox is spelled “Roblox” now and not “ROBLOX”

Y’all put all this work into making a username changing system, why not use it?


As much as I don’t feel like this is necessary to post, I have to agree.

I feel like people still use the “ROBLOX” term is because they’ve seen it on an item in the catalog and assumed that, although with new branding I believe they have even publically said it’s “Roblox”.

Plus it looks a lot nicer, I’d be more interested seeing “Roblox” than “ROBLOX”


While this would be important to do, it should be noted that there can be backwards compatibility issues with some older games and systems that expect the account to be named ROBLOX, in fact, this is most likely why it hasn’t been changed already.


I thought that too, but can you actually name an example in which it would be important that the official Roblox account’s name is ROBLOX and not Roblox?

I don’t think it would break much of anything


It would break my childhood. :frowning:

That’s very important you know. :sob: :sneezing_face: :disappointed: :pleading_face:
Honestly, though I don’t think it’s important at all. Keep in mind it used to be named Builderman. Now it’s ROBLOX. So all in all it’s up to preference and they have other important things to worry about.


One reason I’m suggesting this is because it’s super easy to do.
They’ve already got a username changing feature in place, why not use it?

A great man once said: “The future is now old man!”

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I’m towards the middle, I don’t disagree but I don’t agree either.

I guess the Pros of having this change is to match it’s branding purposes, and Roblox once said that the letters in Roblox are not all capitialized. Plus their offical group names are spelled “Roblox” and not “ROBLOX”

My Cons is that this name has been in the beginning, I would be saddened to see the name leave, but you gotta do what is best I guess. A lot of older people on the website are familiar with this, and this would have mixed reactions about it for months to years.

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The name wouldn’t be leaving though.
The name’s still “Roblox”, just spelled properly.

Thousands of hats also existing with “ROBLOX”. It would take ages changing the names just so they could fit with the branding.

  • hundreds or thousands

I’m not asking to change hat names, just the official Roblox account’s name.
The official Roblox account is seen on thousands of catalog items.
This includes Packages, Faces, Gears, and (currently) the majority of Accessories.
It’s also used users receive official messages through Roblox’s mail system.

Those hats are old relics.
The official Roblox account will still be used in the foreseeable future.

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I really do agree with the points and ideas that are given here, but I don’t think they should change the name of ROBLOX to something like “Roblox”.

I guess it will confuse a lot of people and have to change some stuff off with catalog items, models, and I guess branding?

Either way, it shouldn’t be changed at all, just call it Roblox or ROBLOX anyway. :man_shrugging:

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but it’s Roblox now, not ROBLOX
branding matters


I agree. Most of the arguments presented here are against this request for nostalgic reasons but those aren’t really strong enough to justify branding inconsistency. I am 100% certain Roblox engineers have the tools to automate the process of renaming all catalog items uploaded by Roblox that are called “ROBLOX”.


They most definitely do, but the suggestion is to change the official profile name, not catalog item names.
The main reason being that the profile is used all over the place.


I’d like to stress here that the suggestion in general was never geared toward older catalog items, but the Roblox account.

The hats that have ROBLOX in them shouldn’t need to be changed. These hats are no longer “actively popularized” compared to the ROBLOX account which is prevalent across the website (on modern catalog items, messages, etc). They can still be worn, but it’s not a big deal to change them, and Roblox has no reason to change them. Take a look at this item. If the ROBLOX in the title got changed to Roblox, the logo on the hat would also need to be changed. Otherwise, you’d have a hat whose name doesn’t match the icon found on the hat. This is an example as to why the catalog items do not need to be changed - changing their names would be demolishing history.

Another example can be found in the description of this face (thanks to @diddlydaisy linking it above so I could’ve seen it while writing this):

So when I joined ROBLOX in June 2006, we had just released multiplayer games. Back then we had 0 players. When a player logged in, the whole office would stop working to get in game to make sure (s)he had someone to play with. We even considered hiring a high school kid to play ROBLOX all summer as a job.

Imagine if this was changed to replace ROBLOX with Roblox. That wouldn’t seem right, because during this time period it was stylized as ROBLOX. Once again, the change would diminish the history associated with the item.

What I described above can be the same for any asset. Places such as “Welcome to ROBLOX building” and “Town of ROBLOXia” don’t need to be renamed - although of course this is up to the discretion of the place’s owner.

The Roblox account on the other hand is actively being used. Not only is it the #1 ID slot (which means it likely gets a lot of attention already), but it is all over the website. It can be found on catalog items, private messages, news messages, etc. It is important that the account follows the branding guidelines put in place a few years back, considering how popularized it is on the site, compared to older assets. I support.


I though “Roblox” was supposed to be “ROBLOX” until a little over a year ago because of the way that user is. I would support this change and it would make the proper capitalization in “Roblox” less confusing.


Brand guidelines say Roblox, not ROBLOX. It’s objectively correct to change it, doesn’t really need discussion. Anyone who thinks otherwise should make a feature request to change the branding guidelines.


Looks like it’s fixed :tada: