Change the "How to post a Bug Report" to tell people who are non-regulars where to post

So for a while now I have seen people make bug reports inside of random channels such as #development-discussion and other channels that there should not be website, engine or studio bugs on. I think the reason why is because the post titled How to post a Bug Report (the one in the hyperlink to the title as well if you want to see it) does not say where to post a bug report if your at the trust level of member rather then regular (the rank that can post bugs).

Unless I am mistaken, I think due to the change a while back, people should be sending a message to the @Bug-Support team to reports bugs (or at least that is what everyone says and where I report website, engine or studio bugs and they get reviewed). I think the post that says where to post bug reports should be changed so that people know where to send bug reports when they see the post “How to post a Bug Report”.

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This is intentionally not surfaced to reduce volume of requests sent to that inbox. We used to have a program called post approval where volunteers would audit and help edit bug reports and feature requests before they were posted, and this was automated - posts were redirected into post approval when people attempted to post them. This quickly grew out of scale until we could not keep up with it anymore. Preventing that from happening to bug-support while better solutions are in progress is important.

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Issue is though is when Roblox studio crash it legit says to post it if it does not work and it just causes others to post in incorrect channels. I do however understand where you are coming from but there still really need to be some way of people reporting bugs regardless or studio, the engine and the site may get really buggy due to the lack of bug reports.

What they really could do with is to create some type of form you fill in where it has category headers to ensure that the content they post has everything they need for the bug report. The issue with something such as bug reports is that your always (especially like a site Roblox is) bug reports that are incorrect.

Also I swear in 2020 (or it may have been 2021 not 100% sure) that Roblox said they where going to work on a new bug system due to exactly what your saying but now it is 2023 and still there is no working official bug reporting system. They really need to work on this (or get it out if done) as it has been like 1-2 years or something since saying this.

To conclude this, I 100% see your points but not saying where to post bugs just cause confutation. There are quite a few posts if you search it up, people asking where to post bugs or just generally people posting bugs in correct places. Also it is not right for the way to post a bug to get hidden just because they rather not get loads of people to report bugs.


So why is it mentioned in a post pinned in forum questions?

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So that people who can’t post but are hell-bent on trying can find it if they look for it.

Volume reduction is still important for this - it’s a service being offered. The alternative is not having it at all.

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I remember sending bug reports to @Bug-Support and they never responded :sob:

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Soo true, sometimes they want to respond to me but sometimes they decide not to.

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