Changelog: Obby [Alpha]

Update Log for " Obby:exclamation:"


"Obby:exclamation:", which is also referred to in the scripts and files as “Obbyy”, is a game with the goal of being your typical “Mega Fun Obby”, but with an awesome twist!

Things like collecting coins, a unique rebirth system, shops that give you unique perks, and a clean, polished game overall^ makes Obby :exclamation: stand out from the rest of the typical “Mega Fun Obby” type games!

Here is a link to the game if you would like to try it out:

Upon release, I may be open for investors who can are willing to pay me Robux for advertisements for a cut of the earnings during a certain period.
If you are interested in investing, please message me directly on the Developer Forums or the Roblox website as of today and forward. You must be 13 or older to apply for any investments.


Things will be removed from this list as they get finished and added to the log. These items are for you guys to get an understanding of my goals for the game. However, these goals may change from time to time, so what you see here might not be final.

Bucket List:
(Please keep in mind that these plans can change and are not final)

  • Quests
    • Quests give you either potions, coins, or other rewards
    • Quests may include getting to certain stages, receiving a certain amount of coins, rebirthing, etc.
  • At least 250 stages before releasing for Beta
  • A well balanced monetization strategy
    • Don’t want very pay-to-win features, and if there’s any, don’t make it cheap
    • Make game fair for people who can’t afford things with Robux when necessary
    • Also give incentive to want to buy things with Robux
  • Balanced currency / shop items
  • Better / more polished & finished UI
  • Badge system for completing stages and other things

My goal is to get all of this done before I release the game for beta. I believe that without all of this, advertising the game will do poorly for me. I want a very finished-up game before spending anything to promote it. I have the Robux ready, in fact, 100K+ to advertise, but I am keeping back until the game is ready for promotion.


Introductory / Feedback:

Log History For Pre-Alpha:

~ LOG ~



I am excited to announce that Alpha is HERE! Alpha testers get a FREE “Alpha Tester” badge, exclusive to the Alpha stage for a limited time!

Alpha is the final touches for the core features of the game! However, this doesn’t mean that the game is near its completion; it still has a long way to go, even after Beta. The important things just have to be out of the way before releasing.

  • Added notice UI for when the player joins
  • Added backend badge code for future badge updates
  • Added ability to gain “Alpha Tester” badge on join
  • Minor tweaks

  • Patched a couple of exploits involving leaderstats
  • Improved on-screen buttons & added icons to them
  • Added “Bux Shop” button; more on that will be in a later update, for now it just lets you donate 50 Robux since it’s going to be the shop for Robux purchases. I felt like it would keep me motivated if I put it there
  • Minor backend changes
  • Bug fixes

  • Enhanced the interface for several GUI’s including the inventories, shops, etc.
    • Added tweens to UI that hasn’t had any yet
    • Added Blur and ColorCorrection effects for when UI pops up for various items
  • Improved the look of multiple GUI’s; added gradients, texture, etc.
  • Fixed bug where multiple inventories can pop up at once
  • Fixed bug where inventories pop up if you click them while in shops
  • Fixed bug where inventories’ UI’s don’t disappear after prompting a shop
  • Removed ability to move your character when opening a shop
  • Settings now act like an inventory for clicking each button on the screen to open it / other things (Basically it closes an inventory when opening, and it closes when opening a shop)
  • Other minor fixes & bug fixes

  • Polished some on-screen buttons
  • added “Bux Shop” UI
  • Added pages to Bux Shop UI
  • Added donation buttons to donation page; other pages will come out over the course of development, based on when the monetization features come out
  • Backend changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Spawn area tweaks

  • Fixed UI scaling for mobile players
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Other fixes


V0.1.3a focuses mainly on the spawn area’s cleanliness, especially with invisible borders. V0.1.3 will focus on the polishing of what’s been finished in the spawn, as well as the stages’ difficulty levels. V0.1.4 will be a continuation of this but mainly with the sound side of things and miscellaneous parts.

  • Added entrance to spawn’s first checkpoint; includes sign and flags
  • Greatly improved invisible borders at spawn; major changes were made. Players can no longer hop on the border fences, as they are a visual representation of where the invisible borders are
  • Terrain fixes / tweaks
  • Other fixes


V0.1.3b focuses mainly on cleanliness of UI and partly fixes of some stages; continuing the last update about the tidiness of the spawn area and previously finished items.

  • Nerfed stages 22, 30, 36, and 60
  • Fixed issue where when textures don’t appear on stages 71 and 72, the parts are completely invisible
  • Fixed minor issues on other stages
  • Fixed bug where buying an item after cancelling the purchase for a previous item would still force you to purchase the other item upon purchasing the new one, as long as you have enough
  • Fixed bug where the prompt for the purchase can be changed by clicking another item
  • Major backend changes for purchasing an item
  • Lots of polishing / finishing changes to UI buttons and tabs:
    • Created tweening for cosmetic Shop; tweens on pages’ tabs, as well as accessories, effects, tags, and trails buttons, and the exit button
    • Created tweening for Pet Shop; tweens on pet buttons, and exit button
    • Created tweening for Gear Shop; tweens on gear buttons, and exit button
    • Created tweening for Potion Shop; tweens for when bought each potion type, and for exit button
  • Major backend changes
  • Other major fixes / bug fixes


V0.1.3c is the final update for V0.1.3 and is likely going to be the final product of the currently added UI minus the Bux Shop and what’s to come with the UI in V0.1.4

  • Fixed issue where player never orientates on respawn
  • Fixed odd parts / parts that were plane fighting in spawn area
  • Tweaked invisible border; player was still able to hop on one small part of the fences, now that’s no longer the case
  • Added exit button to all inventories, and the settings
  • Lots more polishing / finishing changes to UI buttons and tabs, mainly inventories:
    • Created tweening for cosmetic Shop; tweens on pages’ tabs, as well as accessories, effects, tags, and trails buttons, and the exit button
    • Created tweening for Pet inventory; tweens on pet buttons, and exit button
    • Created tweening for Gear inventory; tweens on gear buttons, and exit button
    • Created tweening for settings; tweens on toggles, and for exit button
  • Backend changes
  • Other fixes / bug fixes

  • Added sound for most buttons when hovered or clicked; the buttons don’t have sound if the UI it’s in is in progress
  • Fixed minor bug involving tweening with inventory UI’s
  • Backend changes to audio and its dedicated locations
  • Other fixes / bug fixes

  • Added a maximum limit to how much accessories you can wear; increases with gamepasses listed below:
    • Added +1 Accessory gamepass
    • Added +3 Accessories gamepass
    • Added +5 Accessories gamepass
  • Added ability to stack gamepasses for maximum accessories
  • Added inset UI for stats:
    • Added coins to inset, added “plus” button for coins; does not function yet
    • Added skip stats and “plus” button for it; for now it’s just a visual and nothing functions for it entirely
    • Added progress bar; progress bar indicates how far you are from finishing, a lot has been added to make it work
  • Fixed resurfaced bug where trails were not removing on player unequip
  • Fixed new bug where the inventory wasn’t appearing on player join
  • Tweaked some stages for more visual appeal
  • Other fixes / bug fixes

  • Art overhaul on items in which had art already (thumbnails, etc.)
  • Added TONS of new art where not implemented yet
    • Added art to badges
    • Added art to coin / donation dev products
    • Added art to new gamepasses; more will be made as more gamepasses roll out
  • Added coins to Coins tab in Bux Shop; nothing functions as of yet
  • Fixed issue with transparent images in Bux Shop saying “Button”
  • Changed colors of buttons inside currently full tabs
  • Bug fixes / other fixes
  • Other changes / tweaks
  • Backend changes

  • Added buyable Skips to Bux Shop - in the Skips tab
  • Added Skip Button
  • Made Skips saveable
  • Added actual Skips count to Skips inset UI
  • Improved Teleport Button’s visuals
  • Tweaked code in Teleport Button
  • Added Coins to Bux Shop’s Coins tab
  • Fixed unknown exploit involving equipping and unequipping items
  • Minor fixes / bug fixes

^ Feature is being worked on, or is going to be worked on in the near future