Changes to Player List Icons

Hey developers,

The player list is about to receive some quality of life changes. Here’s a list of the visual improvements that are going live on Wednesday, October 30th:

  • Your own username is now highlighted in the player list
  • The highlight color when clicking on another player’s name is now white instead of blue
  • We added a hoverstate when mousing over other players’ names

Here’s a video demonstrating those visual improvements:

There were some icons that we decided to remove because they were redundant and confusing - here’s that list too:

  • Friend Request pending icon
  • The user is following you

Additionally, the icon will now be used for all situations where you are following someone, including when they are following you back.

Only one icon will be displayed on the player list at a time. That means you’ll no longer see, for example, the Friend icon and Premium icon side by side.

With this change, we also updated the priority of icons. Here’s a helpful table showing you the default priority of icons:

Priority Icon
1 The owner of the current game
2 Roblox Admin
3 Roblox Intern
4 Roblox Influencer
5 You blocked this player
6 This player is your friend
6 This player sent you a friend request
7 You’re following this player
7 You follow each other (same icon as above)
8 This player has Premium

All of this is in preparation for a brand new look for the player list, including a redesign for the icons. We’re also bringing the player list to mobile so every platform can view it.

Game Experience Team


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Looks great (Visual improvements are always nice!), but I have some questions regarding the functionality of the player’s list.

Will there ever be an API we can interact with to change the preset functionality and look of the default players list without having to copy the source into our own game.

Things like:

  • Custom Player Icons
    → With that the ability to change whether the icons can stack next to each other.
  • Buttons in Dropdown Menu when clicking on a player (image linked at the bottom in case you’re confused what I’m referencing).
    → This one I am most importantly wondering about because I’ve sometimes thought about
    implementing a custom ‘ban’ or ‘kick’ button onto the drop down
  • Hoverstate color / A player’s name’s color on the playerlist
  • The priority level of the given icons.

Perhaps the new API could be methods of StarterGui:SetCore



I love seeing how ROBLOX grows. I wonder what the redesign will look like :eyes:
Also, I didn’t know there was a priority; is this feature new?


I believe there was already a priority, but I thought I should check before replying.

Just from a glance at the code, I believe there was an inherent priority just by the way the code for the player’s list is written.
If a player is both IsFollowing and IsMutual, it will set the icon to the MUTUAL_FOLLOWING_ICON only due to how if then statements are evaluated.

PiL article on if then statements.


I personally like these upcoming changes. I feel like it’s time for a new and fresh Player-list and this is essentially a great start. I do have to say that I personally do not like the highlighted username since it seem unnecessary since it’s not that difficult to locate your own username in a Player-list.

This is defiantly a step in the right direction and I can’t wait to see what is yet to come.


I agree, I love all the changes except the highlighted name. I know my name quite well and I can easily spot it in the list as if it already were highlighted, so for me this change is unecessary; however if this is really necessary for other reasons then I think a bolded version would be better than the colour difference.

The orangey yellow is more difficult to see in the example video given, and I can easily imagine more backgrounds and ambient settings where it would be even harder to see.

Instead of increasing its visibility, I think this colour change has inadvertently made it less visible.


@desinied Ah yes the highlighting just doesn’t seem natural. I think back before this last change your name was on top of the entire list, but it’s been awhile. but I would agree with @BanTech with the bold, but that just doesn’t seem to let the flow of the list also anyways I like the other changes.

Also with @EpicMetatableMoment I would like some customization instead of taking it to our own ability to make our own to give only certain players in the game certain icons as if they was a VIP member in the game with a Game Pass.

I have currently made my own that has just about all the features of the default list. It’s about the same, but it has the player’s character with the icon in a small box just below to the right (like here on the Devforum with admins and Top Contributors) I like this style a lot and look forward towards how the new player list will be.



Will this new update be easily accessible for developers to modify like the chat library?


Read the OP. This is about changing player list icons, not porting the player list over to Lua.


Is it not lua already? If i’m correct, the scripts for it are stored in the core gui which you can find on github i believe


That’s my mistake, I’m confusing it with the legacy C-side chat system. I meant to say developer-side access. Regardless, this is about changing player list icons, not accessibility to the leaderboard, so no this update would not change its accessibility and that’s not on-topic either.

The CoreScripts are in Lua but they’re ran in places that Roblox developers do not have access to and due to their higher context level, are also permitted to run various locked functions and make calls that interface with the C-side.

The GitHub is majorly outdated by several years, don’t look there. Use your filesystem or CloneTrooper1019’s Client Tracker repository.


Out of curiosity, is there a reason influencer icons have a higher priority than the blocked player icon? If I have a member of the influencer program blocked, one would assume I don’t care that they’re an influencer.


It’s great that your revamping old features, but imo the whole roblox leaderboards could use a redo. Adding better API so that we can customise it alot easier. Obviously people can always make their own custom player leaderboards but would be nice to have more customisation on official roblox features like the backpack/leaderboard.


Great update! Though when creating custom Player Lists I find it hard to know what people are Roblox Interns, Influencer and Admins. Currently I only list the admins by checking if they’re in this Roblox Admin group. I don’t know if all admins are in that group, but I have not found a better way. I don’t know if it is possible to check if the player has the admin badge either.

Is there an API or an easy way to check this? If not do you have any plans to add one in the future, like when you check membership type? I am aware that the chance a Roblox Admin joining is pretty small so it’s really not a big deal, but I thought it would be fun to complete it with admin icons too.


Having all of the follow possibilities be one icon, I feel, is more redundant than the old way. In honesty I’d always have preferred the icon for them following you to be an arrow on the shield pointing away from the playericon. You follow them to be the arrow pointing inward. And then mutual be blue shield.

Would’ve given you more information to go off of and it’d be more universally readable that way. Now you can’t tell what’s what by grouping all states of following into one icon.

Also removing the pending FR Icon is a bold strategy. If you miss out on the notification you may not know that someone sent a FR to you until you leave and see it in your pending FRs on the website.


I believe this is because the PlayerPermissionsModule (which handles stuff like admin or video star icon) has to be above other icons.


I recommend let the player choose the color of your name on the leaderboard instead of standard yellow.


The relevant icon that was removed is for friend requests that you have sent. The icon for a pending received friend request has not been removed.