Characters for my game + main bosses!

Hello, hello! I’ve been posting about a game I’ve been making called PROJECT: ZERO. You can read…
this, this, and this especially for more context! I may make a video about these characters when I’ve commissioned artists to draw them. (:

Please keep in mind that these are just brief backstories and I will NOT talk about their attack styles or anything like it. This game has story, story that can be solved throughout the game by reading books and learning more of what happened to the world of ZERO.

Now, onto the bosses I have come up with…

(note: these silhouettes of characters were found on google. i do not claim any ownership of it and are used for reference.)

The main antagonists of PROJECT: ZERO.

These guys are considered as ‘Zeyorian’, a species that created the Automaton. These individuals have HIGH power and are a force to be reckoned with. They’re all based off of the Seven Deadly Sins, which is a nice touch to the story I have made up.

These aliens showcased here used to be a part of their own races, but all of them have suffered from near extinction if it weren’t for them becoming a part of the Zeyorian race.

All of them have each of their backstories, which I will go in depth with on this post. Starting from left to right.
(another note: these characters were made by the power of picrew. the original designs for them will be implemented within the game once i make these said characters using roblox avatars.)


Nyx is an alien that was recruited by █████ after her planet faced pollution and waste. Her world was essentially born to rot after experiments were conducted on the planet. As the only sole survivor from her race, █████ saw her potential and asked her to join them in world domination, allowing her to recreate her life and start anew once more.

This individual is androgynous, using sign language instead of speaking. As most people say, the eyes are the gateway to the soul. The reason why they won’t talk is because of their vocal chords being severely damaged from an attack on their home planet, being used as a hostage. █████ invited them to join the Zeyorian race to rebuild their life. They accepted the offer, not stopping at any costs of them having their youth back.

A tech wizard, the one responsible for creating the Automatons. Coming from an advanced society that was brought to end by their own civilization, losing the ability to see through one eye due to personal life situations, █████ came to them and asked them a wish- stay and mourn, or rise and make a choice? Because of █████, they were able to fulfill a life purpose. A purpose that was once lost and is now back in their own hands…

One of the psuedo-leaders of the Zeyorian race. A doppelganger, crazy, and shows no sympathy towards the people in ZERO. He is the definition of ‘insanity’. Created from the mix of acid and metallic liquid, he is considered an Automaton but powerful as a Zeyorian. He is the top 5 of the strongest leaders within the vicinity.

One of the psuedo-leaders of the Zeyorian race. A doppelganger towards Kalas and is the exact same as him, except worse. She lets her insanity get the best of her and becomes reckless, often leading to injuries that need to heal for hours on end. The thrill of battle excites her, making it to where that everyone besides her doppelganger fears her. If she were to find out that someone is a traitor, she wouldn’t be merciful.

A bunny girl alien going by the name of Kimon was a part of a planet that treated her kind unfairly. It resulted in a war that lasted for decades upon decades, causing her to be the only survivor of her own kind. She was on the verge of passing until she was greeted by █████ and was asked a simple question: “Rebuild your life or be in shambles. What will it be?”

That question was something she never thought that she’d immediately say ‘yes’ to, as she joined the Zeyorians onto a different planet. She sees the good in everyone, even those that have done horrible things to people.

An individual known as Cassius, she’s known to not be merciful towards anyone in her way. Not on the same power length as Kalas and Vermilion, but she is one to also fear. An attachment towards Kimon, she is sworn to protect her at all costs. She is an alien that was also a part of Kimon’s planet, but was locked up due to her abnormalities in personality. She wasn’t deemed as ‘perfect’ in their eyes, locking her away and neglecting her.

As she was approached by █████ and was given a choice to redo her life once more, she accepted with haste, following orders no matter what.

A cat…? But… Who is this? Wait, this isn’t a cat, this is █████!

Q: Why do the characters have weird streaks in their hair?
A: It is their power in ranking. White streaks mean C-Class, black streaks mean A-Class, and blue streaks mean B-Class.

Q: Why did you make this list for characters on your game that isn’t even out yet?
A: I’m devlogging the process of making characters, as well as giving a sneak peek on what the characters are going to be! Not many people are on the devforums, so sharing my ideas with other people can hopefully cause excitement.

Q: What is this series based off?
A: Multiple franchises! I can’t say what they’re inspired by yet, but if you’re familiar in Japanese media- you can see some similarities of shows and other things listed here!

Q: Why use Picrew?
A: I want references for these characters for artists that I’ll commission in the future to be on the thumbnail for the game when it is out, that way people can get an idea of what’s going to be in the game. I am not earning anything from these creations, as that would be disrespecting the original artist.

If you have any questions, please list them down below! (:

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How are you going to represent that? Would be VERY interested to see.

Nothing really out of field! The one for that is Nyx. She’s going to represent mostly infatuation with one of the members within the group. (:

Imagine like… Amy Rose for Sonic, except for another character in the game.

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