Class ideas for my game!

Here is this and this for reference- please read through them first to get an idea of what I’m going with here! (:

So, for my game that I’ve been posting on the devforums recently, I’ve come up with a couple of classes that the player can choose without needing to grind or pay for anything. All classes come with their perks when it comes to health and weaponry.

  • Android
    The android class is the standard class- humanity’s last hope. They’re able to wield a cannon and blade, able to self destruct whenever a situation calls for it. They can do a finisher that allows them to denotate an explosion that will cover a wide radius and deal damage based on their max HP. However by doing this, they halve their health and need to get healed by an Automaton, go to the hub, or get a medkit that can be purchased/found throughout the open-world.

  • Prototype-A
    Prototype-A is the exact same as Android without long-range, except they’re able to go into the mode called “Self-Immolation”, a mode that gives them extreme mobility and able to dash faster than everyone. However, they lose health gradually and become stronger if they’re low on HP. The more HP they have, the higher attack that they do. They also become more suspectable to attacks and are more prone to getting knocked down as they’re more concentrated on dealing immense amounts of power.

  • Vanguard
    The Vanguard class is a scouter class that can send out mini cameras and scout the area. They’re classes that are good for crafting. They usually start out weak and are not meant for fighting. They can detect enemies when they’re camouflaged, as well as being able to scout out any enemies or find hidden loot throughout the open-world as it’s automatically generated! They’re essential to have in a group of friends or as teammates primarily. In a PVP format, they can change the game by being able to spawn in deadly objects that are immune to their teammates but cause chaos to the other opposing team. For example, they can shoot missiles or redirect missiles if it’s towards them. Their role is to play as a support- not a healer.

  • Noddle
    Noddle is a machine group that was designed to be on the android’s side in the game. They’re little creatures but can pack quite a punch, such as giving enhanced lock-on features for more DPS output. Additionally, they can even form shields and provide defense for the two android classes above. The downside is that they’re unable to fly or use other mechanics besides being able to do all the other things the two android classes can do EXCEPT for the explosion and “Self-Immolation.”. They are long range.

  • Automaton
    The primary antagonist in the series. They’re the same as both the androids, except they can heal faster with more defensive output. They’re able to heal other players except for themselves. They cannot dish out immense damage unless they have a Noddle/Theropods in their group or an android. They’re close-range and unable to explode or go into “Self-Immolation” mode. As an Automaton, these individuals are like metallic liquid and can absorb projectiles. With their ultimate ability, they’re able to create clones of themselves due to their fast healing ability, causing the enemy to get confused in PVP. As for PVE, their ultimate ability changes to trying to immobilize their enemy by keeping it in place. They can form structures for defense and must rely on consumption of the other classes to be kept alive, as that is their only way of healing themselves without any other support.

Vagabond is a term for an Android/Prototype-A/Automaton/Noddle that went rogue and is on their own path. They’re enemies to everyone besides their own class. They’re nomads and are going on their own path within the game. If they want to, they can also be on good terms with other players, but in this world, Vagabond’s are mostly considered as outcasts due to them not following their programming. They are a mix between long-range and close-range. There are multiple sub-categories for the Vagabond classes.

  • Meliora
    The Meilora class is a part of Vagabond. They’re the android descendants that want to become more human and want to intertwine themselves with nature. Their emotions have run through their programming, causing them to overflow with power and to abandon what they initially had followed. The self-destruct function is now turned off in exchange to heal more while dishing out more damage. They are able to craft medpacks that can treat anyone. The more health they have, the more healing they do. However, they’re more sensitive like a human touch- so if something hits them once, they’ll be in critical condition.

  • K9
    The K9 class is the Vagabond class for the Prototype-A. The K9 class is able to camouflage themselves, able to retain “Self-Immolation”, except it’s now renamed to “Supernova”. They sacrifice their own health in exchange to escape. The K9 class wants to be separated from Prototype-A, they don’t want to possibly lose their own life from combat. They alter their code and their programming, allowing them to form portals to get away from danger for a limited time. Essentially, think of Wraith from Apex Legends. You have to attack secretly and you also have to primarily work alone. They can deal critical damage in PVE and PVP, though in PVE, they need enemies being distracted by other players to get the full damage. If an enemy is following the K9 player, they do half damage.

  • Transgress
    The Transgress are another term for the Vagabond class for Automatons. They follow orders from aliens, but since that they disobeyed their original programming, they’re against their masters and wanting to find their identities for themselves. Similar to the Vagabond class, they’re stripped from their healing abilities and instead they trade the healing for more power. However, their power makes them more vulnerable and easier to get damaged from how exposed they are. They’re the most powerful class in the game, dealing physical damage primarily. They move slower and are more prone to getting hit by attacks, so timing is key for this class.

  • Theropods
    Another Vagabond class, but for the Noddle class. The Theropods class has also disobeyed its programming, causing it to become extremely dangerous. They have to rely on the consumption of the other classes besides the Automaton to keep their power going, otherwise it’ll result to them dying. They’re long-range and can dish out laser-like attacks, as well as shooting slow projectiles. As their program altered, they’re able to fly as well. This makes the Noddle class obsolete in terms of attacking-wise, but the Noddle class is still good for their defensive capabilities. They do have weaknesses however, such as the lock-on from Noddle and with careful precision, they can be taken out.

These are just rough ideas of what I’ve developed. I am aware that the Vagabond classes are powerful, but they also have high risk as well when it comes to battling. They apply for both PVE and PVP, as all of these classes are meant to balance each other out. Most of these aren’t going to be in the final game.
I know that this is very long, and I hope that this was at least entertaining to read! (:

Do you have any thoughts or things you would like to change for balancing reasons? I’m open to criticisms and hoping to change anything in the future, as classes won’t be implemented for a long while!


Just a small question, how did you make those graphs?
Also make a model and GFX for every class like what Bedwars did when you finished planning!

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Everytime i see one of your posts I get so excited because you always have this fire inside you when talking about your game, I absolutely love it

I think the classes seem very balanced at face value and I think its a great idea that you made the very powerful classes high risk!

Id have to say K9 is definitely my favorite

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I made the graphics using a program called PAINT .NET! They have some awesome plugins from forums!
You can download it here!

As for the plugin, make sure to download the main program first before downloading this.

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Thank you so so much!! I’m very passionate about this project, and I’m primarily working alone besides having a couple of people doing the artwork for me (being paid primarily).

The K9 is also my favorite class! I’m thinking of changing the name when I get further into development. I was thinking of maybe the name ‘Apostle’ for it, but I’m not too sure. What are your thoughts on it?

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I think Apostle actually sounds great too! Also wow your basically a solo dev that’s awesome :sweat_smile:

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