CheatBlocker PRO💻 V1.0 - make your game safe✅ (Fully Server Sided)

cheatblocker is no longer clientside anticheat :skull:

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yeah My bad i thought this was the old anti cheat, still cheatblocker PRO costs robux and theres tons of free alternatives that do it’s job better.

as I said, chickynoid is also free you know, and its not even an anti cheat so it fully patches movement related exploits.

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I’ve taken some time to reflect on what you’ve posted here.
Oh boy, there is so much wrong with this, from barely legible code to… ai? im pretty sure that breaks ToS, considering youre trying to charge money for this.

give me 150 robux and ill make something infinitely more useful than this rubbish.

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Sorry, this is a terrible deal. NoCheat Xtreme is significantly better and its free.


I don’t understand why people are complaining about the quality of the anti-cheat when they clearly haven’t bought it yet. Who knows what it is.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the quality of CheatBlocker has slowly gotten better over time. But very slowly.


It’s the same code, just “beautified”.

Exactly. Don’t hate on my boy WHYI_MFAT yall !!!

I agree :+1:

Clarifying on this, it more of uses string.find(), nothing less nothing more. On top of that, it does not guarantee the features every decently aight admin modules provides, extra, dynamic arguments and multi-invocation of commands to say.

Doing this will prevent players with high ping from even playing, as just from jumping from a height of 10 studs is more than enough to kick players with pings of 1.4k-3k unless the threshold can be modified.

Adding to the fact that if this does recompense players by checking their ping, the server wont know until the player’s ping returned to normal since remote packets are delayed for the duration.

local function isPlayerInAir(player) -- connect to loop
  local profile = profiles[player]
  if profile.hrp then
    if profile.lastping > 999 then
       return false
    if profile.flight.timeSpent > 200 then
       return true
    elseif profile.hum:GetState() == Enum.HumanoidStateType.Falling or not isOnGround() then
       profile.flight.timeSpent += 1

Unless if applied correctly. Client anti-cheats can be used to prevent bug abusers and slow down the progress of an exploit but not completely. Server anti-cheats does that but in a delayed and constrained form of action.


just dont trust the client with movement :sob:

You can still do that against bug/glitch abusers.
Glitching or abusing bugs can be considered as an exploit as your exploiting a vulnerability within the experience. (Like how executors exploit a vulnerability/loophole of a game, ie resource and memory.)

In addition, if both client and server anti-cheats are implemented in a proper form, they will work in unison and thwart majority of skids, however, against experienced exploiters, it’s all the server anti-cheat’s work.
Basically, any form of security or protection is beneficial—in any way or form within cybersecurity.

Oh wow it’s worse than I thought

We pullin out the big grown professional people words out today :fire::fire::muscle:


This cheat blocker PRO is amazing! It’s very cheap, it’s very useful and it is amazing! (I got paid 100 dollars to make this post)


This is an interesting resource, however I have no idea if it’s any good without a ChatGPT rating!


I think this person’s iffy resources, their topics, and especially @Vanniris’s replies are hilarious! I’d like if WHYI_MFAT continued “releasing” stuff only to scrap it after receiving criticism, just so Vanni can review the source code.

(Also, an earlier post in this topic about “horizonal flight” was so funny.)


NoCheat XTREME been real quiet since this dropped… @absentdenik im expecting a comeback

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NoCheat Xtreme will drop a new banger soon :fire:


Why is everyone hating on WHYI_MFAT??!??!! My life is 10x more eazy cuz of his beautiful inventions

LETS GOOOOO :fire::fire::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Guys… dauser saw it. It’s over

It was already over… way before dauser saw this. It was inevitable anyways lol