Chrome / Firefox extension - quickly copy asset IDs / user IDs from links on the website

This is an extremely small extension that lets you right click on any link on the Roblox website and copy an asset or user ID directly out of the target URL.

Sometimes I need IDs.
It’s extremely tedious to copy a URL and paste it somewhere / visit the page to manually extract an asset or user ID, so I made an extension that does it for me.

Possible uses:

  • Copy an accessory ID from the avatar page for use in the advanced panel without leaving the page
  • Copy a user’s ID from your group or friends list while working on user-specific functions in your games
  • Copy accessory IDs from the catalog so you can try them on with your favorite Studio plugin

On both Chrome and Firefox.


If you run into somewhere the extension doesn’t work, copies the wrong string, some other bug, or you just hate my code, please let me know on this thread.


:pray: thank you thank you :pray:

very useful

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This looks extremely useful but im on firefox, feel free to ping me if you get it working for firefox :yum:

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Nicely done, also +1 points for doing it without jQuery.

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Very useful, I’ll be sure to make use of this!

Very useful, would be great if it supported group ID’s though.

Perfect for use Roleplayers. Thank you so much man! Your effort is appreciated.

Where are you trying to copy group IDs from that it’s not working?

This has been fixed.

Would be cool to have a toggle to put “rbxassetid://” in front of the copied ID automatically.


Before this, I had another extension that does the same thing. I used it just so that I can insert every single Roblox model from the Stamper tool since sets were discontinued, and I inserted it with CloneTrooper1019’s Quick Insert for a building game. I know that this extension can do the exact same, so I pretty much recommend to get that extension just to make things easier.

Same :joy:

Thanks! Been looking for a plugin like this for ages. I used to have one that worked but it got discontinued.

please no steal my password

Glad people find this useful!

Source code is on github. If you’re uncomfortable installing extensions you can load the extension yourself from a local directory (but chrome will yell at you).

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This saves me a lot of time. Great contribution. Thanks!!!

Added support for Firefox.



Nice quickly tested it and it works

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Pretty useful extension, dont have to open studio just to get the ID from assets. (Friendly reminder that if you need to achieve this in-game rather than on the browser, you can use this API.)

FYI this extension will only copy the ID number from the targeted link URL. It does not do any fancy processing to find an image asset ID from a decal asset.

While this is a good extension, I encourage people to be weary installing this.

Although OP provided the source, if you choose to install it from the chrome store page she has the ability to push out updates - she could very easily push out an update to log your cookies / key log your account information.

I’m not saying OP would do that, I’m just saying you should keep that in mind, always opt in to install it from the source she provided (after vetting it for yourself).

Great extension.


Awesome! Thank you!