Cilent Crashing Bug or 'Screen Freezing'

Hello everyone,
for a while now, my ROBLOX Player Cilent has ‘crashed’ regularly when joining high-usage games.
Although, I can sometimes join the game, I can sometimes not. It usually crashes but sometimes doesn’t.

It never used to do this! It’s really frustrating when it does this. Sometimes, I really need to join this game as it is connected to a group in which I am in.

This seriously needs to be fixed. It’s a ROBLOX issue as I can still hear the game running in the background. Just the screen freezes.
I have tried re-installing, everything.

Please help!

Some games that crash


Could you add information regarding steps #8 + #9 listed here?

Can you define “high usage” games? Does this mean there needs to be a certain player count in the server before you are likely to crash? Is it related to high memory usage?

I wrote:

Which refers to:

Exact date is unknown.

Graphics card is up to date.

Hi AwesomeSquid,

I joined the places linked about and did not crash. This can definitely be a ROBLOX problem, but it seems like it’s only happening on your device. So that we can find the cause, we need specific information. Can you provide the following? Please follow each step to the letter and answer every single question.

DxDiag Information

  1. Open the start menu, search for “DxDiag”, and open it
  2. If you do not see DxDiag, press Win+R, type “dxdiag” in the box that opens, and click OK. This will open DxDiag
  3. When DxDiag opens, wait for the green progress bar to finish loading
  4. Click “Save All Information” which will save all your hardware/driver information to a text file
  5. Attach the text file to this thread

This issue might not be caused by the most common specs asked for, so this is a surefire way to get all necessary information. Otherwise, with just the CPU/GPU model it might seem like everything is okay when it’s not because of an issue with other hardware.

Clarification on crashing/freezing

You say the game freezes. Do you mean the title becomes “Roblox - Not Responding”, the window turns whiteish maybe when you click on it, and you get an infinite loading circle on your cursor? Or are you able to rotated your camera just fine while loading, and it’s just that the game never loads?

Also, how long before the game freezes? Immediately? 10 seconds? A minute?


The title doesn’t become ‘Not Responding’. I can still hear the game in the background. I can still press esc + L to leave the game.

I’ve messaged you the infomation you asked for.

Sounds similar to when I had this problem. Screen would freeze, but otherwise everything would be fine.

If you paste %localappdata%\Roblox\logs into the File Explorer’s location bar, you can get to the Roblox logs folder. Maybe one of the recent files there will list an error related to your screen freeze. That’s how I found the error in that old bug report.

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Its the same issue.

“D3D11 FATAL ERROR: Device removed with reason 887a0020”

ROBLOX trying to fix this…?

I never got a PM from you.

Can you press Ctrl+Shift+F3 and post a screenshot here when this happens again?

Let me send the PM again. One moment.


When the program is minimised and you open it after it’s frozen, it shows this:

If not, it’s just whatever it crashed on. No message. Nothing.

I sent you the message.

Also, I noticed this in the stuff you asked for:

When you press ESC+L, do you see the escape menu pop up? Or does it stay a solid white screen?

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No. Although I can still do ESC+L and it closes. Just nothing on the screen.


Here is the DxDiag

If this is the same error that I’ve had before, then all rendering stops completely. There are no menus of any kind, since all rendering is stopped. Roblox renders nothing at all after that point. The screen only “freezes” because it’s drawing the last thing on the screen, and minimizing the window clears that so it turns white.

I’ve played games since then and all was fine. I should try playing them now to see if I get this bug again.

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Can any ROBLOX staff reply to this?

Your pastebin link expired, FYI. Should make a new one that doesn’t expire.

Also keep into account that the more detail you put in your bug report and the better you lay it out, the greater the chances that staff will be able to help you.

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The driver encountered a problem and was put into the device removed state.

This most frequently indicates a bug in the graphics driver - generally not something we can fix. The only thing I would recommend is trying to update the graphics driver using the vendor site (not Windows Update as that can have stale drivers), assuming a later driver is available.

If it isn’t I’m not really sure what we could do - I looked at one of the games you linked and it doesn’t seem like we can trigger any undefined behavior in our code on these levels…

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I believe that since your post we’ve implemented more measures to try as hard as possible to use dedicated GPU, which in your case could’ve fixed it just by the virtue of using NVidia GPU which has more stable drivers.

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I’ve tried to install updated drivers which should be fine for my computer but it doesn’t allow it because of my stupid manufacturer (hp).