Classic S15 Rig [Skinned Meshes]

After locking myself away from society for 3 days straight I have created a fully Skinned improved R15, combining the cleanliness of R6 and Usability of R15!


This works without any bones and is extremely simple to implement due to simply being an extension of R15.

What you should keep in mind while using it:

  • Mesh parts will deform as long as there is a connection between parts, this means things like ragdoll’s work with the rig

  • Higher triangle count across arms, legs and torso

  • Rig is R15, therefore R15 scripts and animations work on it, is also capable of squash and stretch!

  • Animatable in the Moon Animator plugin

  • Does not currently have Rthro scaling support

As of the version 2 rig, the model and place file now includes 2 rigs, one with hand weighing and one without, this is due to some Roblox emotes rotating the hands to abnormal rotations for blocky rigs. Use the hand weighed rig if you dont intend to have Roblox emotes enabled.

Downloadable Test Place:

Rig Model:


Wow that looks great! I might use this in the future


Got a slight problem with the legs… they seem to cut out at the knees for me.

yeah, bit of a goof on my end lol, should all be fixed now


I’ve been looking for something like this for years. Amazing work!

Though, there appears to be one major problem. Non-hat accessories seem to have an unusual offset from the character’s body, as shown in the video below

For reference, this is where they’re supposed to be (both the lightning and zombie are back accessories.)

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RIP Dogu15

What do you mean with this?
Meshes needs bones to deform, so how does it works?

EDIT: Also, how do i can dress up the body with the user’s character clothing?


Wow, Me thinking that i will never see the day when r15 will be deformed.

This just blows my mind!

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you can name meshparts the same as their bone which allows the parts to be skinned without having the bones in the rig, to dress up your character there’s a script inside the test place that puts it on a players character, you can also change what character it’s referring to to update a non player rig

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some small issues currently exist which I will be fixing over the course of the next couple days:

  • arms are displaced, causing them to not be connected in some animations

  • small UV mapping goofs including hands and feet areas being too big

  • foot placement can be a bit wonky

  • non head accessories are positioned on the head

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ive fixed the arm displacement and accessory issues and cleaned up some areas of the UV map, im unsure about how to go about fixing the foot placement, if anyone has any ideas id love to hear them!

Updated the model and place file with the new fixed rig.


You won’t believe, I was searching for something like this just yesterday! Thank you, for real, you’re a life saver.

Just one question, if you don’t mind answering it. How did you manage to make it compatible with R15? I checked 100 times the forum post explanation and I tried so many things, using one mesh, multiple meshes and anything worked.

theres a much better explanation than the announcement post i found halfway through making this rig here: Skinning | Avatar Evolution

if youre wanting do do UV mapping for the clothing there is literally zero documentation on it that i found so I had to figure that part out myself, will make a tutorial post on how to do that sometime soon

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Unrelated - what’s the song in the vid? Sounds like some nice DnB

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The song is Hypersleep by Voyager.

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I saw the tweet and was gonna say how much robux but now I’m here

I love it! It looks like r6 but better

Also noticed that the leg disconnects a tiny bit when bending, here:

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nice spot, should be fixed now :+1:

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This looks really good, only issue that I have with it is that it does not really work good with humanoid descriptions. There’s mainly a lot of seams on the ankles and knees.



Looks good, only thing is that I tried to animate it in Moon Animator it turns into this. Screen capture - 301c112820da3bbd85490fbeebb818b4 - Gyazo