Classic Blocky S15 Rigs [Skinned meshes]


preview gif

These rigs act as an updated version of my old rig that aimed to create a skinned version of the blocky R15 bundles that are faithful to their R6 counterparts.

Key differences between these and my old rig includes layered clothing support, optimised elbow skinning, woman torso variation and many other small improvements.

What you should keep in mind while using the rigs:

  • Rthro Scaling will cause some small problems with the feet, however normal scaling works perfectly fine. Below is the ranges at which they can be scaled without any issues.
  • Rigs are R15, therefore R15 scripts and animations work on them.
  • Meshes include wrap targets of their R15 counterparts in order to allow support for 1.0 layered clothing. Results may vary between pieces of clothing. (7)
  • Hands do not include skinning as I found that there isn’t any way of making this look good. Hand mesh parts are invisible.
  • Capable of squash and stretch animation allowing for extra stylisation and flair! (8)
    (Animations by @AltiWyre)

Get the rig model here:

You can also now get it as a bundle to use in any game that supports R15 below!


Do you understand how much this will help? I’m a game developer currently working on a project which requires very flexible and skinned rigs. I could go on and on about joint breaking… but all I’m going to say is:



Is there gonna be the blender file soon?

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Why are the rig’s hands is missing?

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i wont be releasing the blender/fbx file at the current time


there are hand mesh parts where you would expect them to be, theyre just invisible. the image youve shown is just their pivot point which i forgot to reset before releasing. though it shouldnt really effect anything

Will you consider later on so custom skinned clothing could be made for its cage? (more specifically the female one)

since the cages currently used on them are the same as their r15 counterparts, you can just get them from there. though if i do end up making cages for the rigs ill make it public

Could you make a tutorial to show us how you did it, because I would like to do the same thing on the Avatar Mesh 2016.


roblox has a few guides on the creator hub about creating these kinds of rigs Skinned Meshes | Roblox Creator Documentation

Thanks but I have another question, to have the 3d model of the character you just export it from studio?
Because when I export the character directly from studio to blender there is only one object.

I suggest turning on “Split by Object” when importing to blender so you don’t only get one model :wink:



@ellieflopper is it possible to have a full body mesh similar to this template made by roblox?
Maybe a full body male and female

full body as in have the legs and torso be connected?

yes, similar to the example but blocky

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itd be possible yeah, though i dont really see how useful thatd be seeing as itd be pretty much the exact same just with different arms

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i want everything to be the same
the only difference is to have the backside be connected.

These look great! My only nitpick is that the bevels have sharp edges. You should sharpen the faces, but copy the normals from those faces to the bevel edge verts so it looks smooth like this:


thank you! yeah i had some trouble getting the bevels to be smooth so i just left them sharp, ill have a look at doing what you did here when i have the time

How do I get R6 animations for this so it can act as a fake R6