Clicking "Roblox Profile" should open a new tab instead of loading on the current tab

Maybe this is just me being slighly nit-picky, but when opening a user’s Roblox Profile on the forum, it will open their Roblox profile on the current tab instead of opening a new one. The UX is a little weird, when I wish to view a person’s Roblox profile a new tab would be preferred.

My feature request is fairly straightforward, when opening a player’s Roblox Profile through the forum it should open a new tab rather than loading on the current one.

Repro process:

  1. Click on a person to view their profile card or to go their profile itself
  2. Click the blue ‘:roblox_light:Roblox Profile’ link, it’ll open on the present tab instead of a new tab

Device: MacBook Air 13" Retina, macOS Big Sur 11.0.1


Pressing the left ctrl button then clicking on the Roblox Profile link opens the profile on a new tab.
I am on a windows OS so the keys are prob different.

You can also try right-clicking the profile link assuming that this would show up.


That’s not the point. This feature request is suggesting that this happens by default without needing to right click anything. Not to insult you or anyone else, but I’m pretty sure even a 9 year old could do that.

I feel like it would be really cool if was set as an external link just for this specific case. That way users could easily change this behavior in the preferences.


No need when this is literally a shortcut by default

Hardly a request, should this topic be aiming for a change the author ought to have posted this on Features Request instead.

I’m aware of that. You can even press the middle mouse button to open a link on a new tab–at least that’s how it works for me. Although making this a default could slightly improve the UX, after looking at @DamnITsZik’s reply closely, I’m starting to feel like it is indeed a redundant request.

It’s not about how possible this is to do already, it’s about what the user expects to happen. If I see a link that goes to another domain, I expect it to open in a new tab unless it is a main function of the website.


Guess not everything is as one expects it /shrug

These shortcuts should be common knowledge anyway, if not, we should make them common knowledge

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This category (forum features) is for feature requests for the forum, so he literally did.

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if you hover my mouse on a link and click the scroll wheel the link opens in another tab, or you can right click the link and click open link in new tab just as DamnITsZik said

My issue though is that I would first expect it to open in another tab, but it’ll just open on the devforum tab which is inconvenient (especially if, for example, I was writing a draft and I basically lost it). Clicking “Open in New Tab” every time is just redundant. External links open in new tabs, so opening in a new tab here would be beneficial

Hey, this was a forum request, pretty sure this is the correct category

I might as well also mention that M_caw made a forum request which was also a very small change in the UX, so I’d initially think this is okay to post (and it is, this post isn’t invalid)

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Oops didn’t see KFiesh’s answer.
You can click you’r scroll wheel while hovering it and it will open in a new tab! :slight_smile:

#Feature-Requests is locked and only regulars can post in it, not many people are regulars and promotions are on hold.
#Forum-Feedback:Forum-Features was an appropriate place to post this.