Client side sound bug


There is an audio bug in Roblox that occurs when attempting to play 2 or more sounds that are within a brick simultaneously on the client side. The audio gets messed up and scratchy. Playing only 1 sound works just fine.
We noticed that the issue began to occur after an update to Roblox less than a month ago.

Here is a demo of the bug:

Multiple audio instances with the same id causes playback issues
Same SoundId Jitters When Played Close Together
Sounds are sputtery and broken

This is still an issue. Started about a week before the winter holiday break. Lots of people have been complaining about this in my game :frowning:


Same here this really needs to be fixed. Myn doesn’t seem to be caused by the method described here as the two audios are in a folder in PlayerGui.


Do we have any staff members here able to confirm that you know about this issue? It still occurs and I have multiple people complaining every day about it.


I too have this issue and receive complaints daily, been getting reports of it since mid-December. It’s odd, because sometimes this bug is present, and other times it is not. Multiple sounds are stored within a folder which is within a part in my case, all playing simultaneously.


This has been reported internally.

Multiple audio instances with the same id causes playback issues

I’m still having a problem (not sure if related):

I’m playing the same sound from multiple parts (A siren in this case) and because the sound’s overlap (at least, that’s my guess) it stutters. 1 audio is fine, 2+ and the problem occurs.

Do you have any idea on when a fix will be released?


This is the same issue we’re referring to. Unfortunately we haven’t been told when it will be fixed


Any updates on this? It’s been going on since December.
Seems to happen to me when switching from one song to another quickly.


I believe I have tracked down the issue. Unfortunately this seems to be caused by a combination of factors in our loading code, and finding a way to fix without breaking other parts of sound loading is non-trivial. Rough estimate for fix is the first week of March.


The first attempt at the fix caused a new crash so we had to disable it. Still working on the fix.


The bug is still occurring… hmmm


As far as I know, this hasn’t been fixed. I still get players reporting it to me.

This has been happening since December. That’s 6 months!

This bug is present in both my games SharkBite and RoBowling.

Putting two sounds in a brick isn’t the cause of the issue my issue in my case. The sounds are playing locally and bugging out. I can’t reproduce, it seems to happen more often to users with bad internet connection.

This is a very disruptive bug with my game, no effective ‘work around’ solution has been offered.
Meanwhile I’ve had official Roblox sponsorship’s on SharkBite and countless complaints from users to me and the person who creates my music.

I’ve never been complacent about bugs in the past as I understand they take time to fix and Roblox usually addresses them. I’m also voicing the concerns of the proportion of players that can’t enjoy the game sounds because of this issue.

@LordRugdumph Can this bug please be escalated or can you provide us with a more comprehensive update.


The known repro for this only happens for medium-large sound files (over 512000 bytes). If you replace the sounds being played with smaller files does your issue go away?


More comprehensive update: we made another fix attempt with release 334, but that also caused an increase in crash rates so we needed to disable. It was hard to track down but earlier this week I think I figured out why the crash was happening and I have submitted a patch for 340 release (available on desktop PC & Mac during the day Wednesday 5/30).


Thanks a lot for the quick response, possible fix and update on a patch date. Appreciate it :grinning:


We tried the fix last week, but it was still seeing increased crashes. We are adding more analytics to further diagnose. The current fix is also a relatively large change, so we are in parallel investigating if it is at all possible to fix with a smaller change (that would be less likely to trigger new crashes).


I really appreciate your persistence with the issue! Thank you for the updates


Another attempt at the fix has been submitted with target release date 6/27


The fix is currently live. We need to continue monitoring in case there was some situation that was not covered by our testing, but so far it is looking good.