Multiple audio instances with the same id causes playback issues

Can you describe the issue? I’m on mobile currently, but I may be experiencing something like it as well with my water ambient audio.

Instead of playing and looping as normal it plays an instant of the sound and loops very fast, sounding like an odd rapid tapping. It is sometimes fixed when the audio instances are cloned and replaced by script.

Added a video for clarification. :slight_smile:

This is still an issue that happens too often. PLEASE get this fixed!

My game is pretty heavily sound based and I get nonstop reports of this
Would love a fix or acknowledgement that this is a problem being worked on


Whoo it’s not just me. This has been causing me a nightmare for the past few days. It happens regularly to certain people and I can’t reproduce it.

My sounds are in PlayerGui and I don’t have any duplicate sounds yet it still happens on occasion.

It is very important that this gets fixed or else I will be muting all music. Hopefully there’s something in place during this ‘code freeze’ to help fix this.

Here is another video of it happening in SharkBite.


what are you PC specs?

I had this issue come up while playing a game,
my specs:

AMD fx 6300
GTX 1060 6GB,
Windows 7 64-bit
4x 4GB ram (i don’t recall what kind)

my audio comes from my graphic’s card HDMI output.

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Ah! Great to see this being reported, it’s been bothering me extremely much. Had to upload new sounds to get rid of this issue…


New sounds didn’t solve this issue for me.

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I can confirm this issue. Mine was rather strange, because I had ambient sound that was playing in my player object but while I was in studio the script in StarterPlayerScripts had actually started playing the audio as well. Or maybe I accidentally checked “Playing”. I dunno. Either way it caused a lot of crackling and annoyance.

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I think @spotco is the sound engineer? (correct me if i am wrong).

@Spathi and I are having the same problems. He recently made a footstep sound system, and it constantly breaks due to the audio not loading.


any plans in the pipeline to fix this, it’s still a glaring problem in sound heavy games


I am also suffering from this issue at this place. Any official response so far or acknowledgment of the reproducibility of the bug?


nothing yet

who do I need to @ to get this fixed, or at least acknowledged

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No idea, perhaps a top contributor like @EchoReaper or @buildthomas could barge in with their infinite wisdom.

This was confirmed as a bug, and they hopefully will be fixing it somewhat soon

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This has the same underlying issue as this thread, I will be posting updates and fix notices there:

Sounds seem to be bugged out right? I hope ROBLOX will fix this, because I don’t understand what causes it.

4 years later this is still a big issue, I am working on an FPS game right now and the audio for firing is completely broken. I Don’t get how other games make it work because my game has good code, and its still broken. Below is the code I use to play the fire audio, I play the audio on the server, to all players at once.

    local fireAudio = 	weaponMesh[player]
	fireAudio.Volume *= audio -- audio is a multiplier for how loud the gunfire is.
	fireAudio.Parent = weaponMesh[player].Handle -- parent it to the weapons handle
	if not fireAudio.IsLoaded then

I think the issue has to do with playing the same ID audio on the same block at once.

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I have been able to avoid this issue by playing the audio local to the player firing and globally to all other players. The other players don’t notice the audio is off because they are not the ones firing the weapon, its not a good fix, but it works.