Close discussion back!

I’m actually concerned that some of these topics get flagged, but the flags go ignored, and when others try flagging because there is clearly an issue, moderators have already rejected valid flags, and it can’t be flagged anymore. And only this category has this problem. I’ll probably message them later, at this point I believe it’s a bug.

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Sounds about right.

The more flags = The more stress that’s on DET so basically they are hurting them self’s in the process.

Yeah, my discussions keep getting taken down, yet It’s me asking/discussing things on the platform. Literally making posts exactly what the category is meant for gets your post taken down…

Probably because your discussion topics aren’t specifically related to development.
When a topic of you gets taken down, you receive a feedback message. If you still have questions about it, just respond to those feedback messages.

My statement wasn’t about too strict moderation in Development Discussion, I actually think it’s too loose.

My discussion was specifically related to Development, yes.

I actually saw this happen with the voice chat opinion topic. It was ignored by the community for about thirty minutes but moderators decided to keep the topic going because there was so much activity, even though it was off-topic.

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I didnt know the rules, and as you said i was “Posting for the sake of posting” I wasnt. I was introduced to scripting, and found it interesting. I then spoke with a staff member who gave me the rules of the forum. 2nd off it was flagged the same day.

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It’s not my purpose to attack individuals with my post. I attached a few violating topics from the last days to put more force on my statement I was trying to make.

I reckon if people just made better choices regarding their posts, we would see less of this happen.
This “underlying issue” will never change due to some systematic rollback of closing Discussion. Making decisions within the forum is part of learning and progressive growth in maturity and understanding. DD is definitely a viable place to make these decisions and to learn from them. Until people can start to make better choices and intuitively choose right over wrong, this “underlying issue” is never going to be solved.

Sadly, some people are just choosing to do the opposite.

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What do you mean by stress? The DET team are getting paid to do it.

Well, they won’t listen to us telling us to “Oh, just flag it” And it just gives them a work overload.

Would you rather be working in a work environment where (like this one) where you get stressed the crap out due to loads of flags?

I don’t understand what’s the problem with flagging. You just flag a post and move on. The DET takes care of it. Why do you want to bother about DET job? It is not the end of the world if a post doesn’t gets taken down.

One of my friend has shown me a screenshot of how #lounge posts look, and it seems like it’s not even that there’s much traffic (especially because it’s impossible to be become a regular now). It’s mostly like more topics are stuff that beginner developers don’t know as much; that’s at least the message I got from that screenshot.

I wonder if I would have regular at this point in time, I got in a beta, I have like 8 days of max read time and 5 days of recent read time, my friend said he didn’t even know he was regular and could do stuff like that, he only had reported 2 glitches using post approval and that was it.

They don’t matter in the process of promotion actually.

Auto promotion. No wonder he didn’t know…

Yeah I said, yeah it’s automatic.

That’s so like, contradicting to the “Regular” name.


Look, I understand people’s frustration with this issue and I do want to see more action being taken.

But we clearly aren’t getting anywhere by spamming the same points over and over.

For the last 10 months, this suggestion has been repeatedly made in different threads, bumped and discussed with nothing changing.

Even the replies here go over the same points repeatedly, it’s annoying…and it’s getting to the point where we’re just as bad as the off topic posters by spamming the forum with the same idea for nearly a year.

We’re never going to see a change by bringing this suggestion up multiple times, because it should be quite clear that Closing Discussion is not something they want to do.

If you want my suggestion, there has to be a different solution.

One that doesn’t involve Members getting heavy restrictions, because the staff here clearly want Members to have as much access to the DevForum as possible.

There’s a reason why they made it easier for people to get into DevForum after all.


Actually, I agree with this one. I can even make a video clip on these types of threads just whining about “oh, development discussion is spammed by members, oh members are spamming development discussion, etc”.

It’s annoying as ever, and they are being an absolute hypocrite by spamming #forum-feedback about these type of complaints.


Yes, however, it is bad seeing full of people “My experience using a mouse” and “My laptop has a camera. It saved my life”

Due to the IPO being public, some economic posts are made in DD. I don’t get it.

Development Discussion has become the old All Things Roblox category, with tons of out of context topics like this one.

DET, do you even care about this? Do you care about the fact this creates an unnecessary clutter and ruins the purpose of why we are here? I didn’t come here to flag things over and over again. A few times is acceptable, but I’m talking about tens of posts per day.

You are paid to moderate this forum, we’re not. Stop asking us to keep flagging everything. It’s your job to keep this forum clean, and the solution to the huge mess is simple: lock the ability of creating topics down to a post approval procedure

They clearly can’t handle this freedom here as you can see. Roblox forums flopped for a reason. I understand Roblox wants this place more accessible for real developers, but currently it’s being abused by the rotten apples who don’t have anything with development at all.

Do you have a better solution? Or should we just ignore this problem till we come at a point where the Developer Forums will be discontinued for the same reason like why the regular forums were?