Close discussion back!

As many if you know, the #discussion category was recently opened to the public, just since then there has been post after post not meeting the standards previously set for discussion…

Such posts as “Rate my GFX!” or “Opinions on my GFX commission sheet.” I think all of the Regular members are kinda upset at this update to the forum, it took away the main privilege we had, and personally I think it is the best category since you’re able to talk to experienced developers… Not people who joined the dev forum yesterday.

Even though the reasoning behind it was great,

I strongly disagree with the procedure took, I am asking for the forum staff to reconsider please this change. How are we suppose to find a good discussion or have people answer ours when we have to scroll through a page of troll-like topics?

I am aware that the Post Approval team is backlogged, but why not address it rather then ruining possibly the good place a Regular could have a discussion?

I think a good solution to this would be to either expand the post approval staff or consider creating separate areas for Regular’s and members like there is for Collaboration.


Post approval is being phased out so

isn’t happening. I would really like to know why the sudden change of heart as well.


I mean, there are some advantages and disadvantages of opening up Discussion to members on the forums. I do suggest that there should be some precautions taken to it instead of completely reverting the change and only allowing regulars to post in there.

Some members truly want to discuss other topics with developers here and they can’t considering how long it can take to reach regular now due to the forum changes over the years. I see all of the members posting things that don’t pretain to the topics at all and are posting things that belong in other categories, but not something that should be entirely closed down again because of a couple people who don’t acknowledge what each topic is used for.


That is why members should use post approval while it still exists

it doesn’t take long. I know someone who was promoted to regular in under 2 weeks.

Member was supposed to be a sandbox for users to organically grow into regular contributors to the forum but by opening more stuff with the reasoning that it was too limiting or unfair we might as well make everyone a community sage (leader) since you know, it is unfair to editors, regulars, and members, who are able to be responsible with actions like locking.


But the thing is, the main reason I would post in discussion is to get answers to questions that you’d learn with time, some of my posts has been “When to start Commissions”, or “Developers hard to hire?”

I doubt that many newer developers are going to have a answer to that, and if they do, it won’t as “solid” as someone whose been through all of it…

As I said above, I do think members should have a place to talk as well, I think the separate category would be an amazing solution to that.

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Lots of people currently use #discussion because they are either to lazy to search for the correct category or they don’t know where it belongs in.
This results in a bunch of low quality posts.

I heavily agree with that this change should be reverted.


Yeah. I am a member and I am also annoyed with this update. People are posting stuff on #discussion. I keep on seeing posts that are supposed to be posted on support categories but people post them in #discussion. I have been trying to become a regular to post in #discussion. It’s one of the main reasons people want try to become a regular. #discussion was an awesome category until this update. it ruined it. I do understand that post approval is really busy I had to wait 2-3 days for one of my posts but I am pretty sure that there are better ways to do this.


I agree. #discussion is one of the important things that makes Regulars better than Members. But because of this update, this awesome category has been spoiled. I don’t think they should make this PA required. Just restrict it to Regulars only.


A weird thing I’ve noticed is that Regulars, if they post a Roblox related topic but not about development, it gets moved to Lounge where it dies in just hours because the diversity and the scale of the discussion would decrease significantly. Now, when members post something like that, they can’t have their topic moved to Lounge because they wouldn’t be able to access it, so it stays in discussion. For example, there have been some topics that have nothing to do with development like the new avatars, etc. that’d require an opinion from a player not a developer.

So, IDK if it’s more lax or not, but that may be a possible loophole that can arise.

As per the situation, I felt like my heart has been stabbed when my notifications were flooded with new discussion posts. How the hell am i supposed to find the good ones out of the bad ones without going through each of them?

Yes, I’m frustrated about it, but I do see why they could’ve made this decision. As @incapaz mentioned, PA is slowly going to be replaced by a DET placed system, so hopefully this is just a temporary change. This is a rare event, so the transition may be a little rough. With DET getting more control, hopefully there can be nifty features added such as topic posting cooldown, discobot interactive tutorial, and some way of enforcing the policies and professionalism of the Forum.


That entire category is a lost cause at this point. As much as I would like it closed or at the very least put behind the approval system which isn’t here yet, I don’t believe the category will be closed down any time soon. All that can really be said is “just flag bad topics” even though flagging doesn’t actually solve the problem of users not thinking their posts through in the first place. I just have it muted and check it every now and then to flag topics, which every time I open the category I am always able to. I should probably just stop checking it altogether since that kind of defeats the purpose of muting the category.

I guess I’ll continue to resort to Discord for discussing development, since I can’t meaningfully do that here. But this has the downside of not reaching the wider audience.


I think you’ll find that the vision for this forum is that trust levels shouldn’t matter in what content you can view and use. So locking down categories is probably out of the questions and the distinction between trust levels will probably disappear further over 2021-2022.

On top of that it’s not appropriate to do this right now especially, because there is no path for a Member to become a Regular currently…

It is probably better to file feature requests related to the problems you have while browsing these categories so that they can think of alternative products to suit your needs or can work on things like better content sorting on the forum.

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I personally disagree. While I know there are some noobies with the regular role, most of them are more experienced in how to use the forum than members. A proof of this is how the forum got flodded by #development-discussion posts right after the category opened. I’m not an expert on the forum nor have been here for too much time and I can already say that opening all categories for members will be a huge mistake.
Becoming a member is relatively easy, and if members are able to post everywhere and see everything, then prepare for chaos.

As a member, i do not feel any “superiority abuse” from regulars and really think we should not have more permissions.


I’m pretty sure this will solve most of the problems we have while browsing this category

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Sorry if I wasn’t entirely clear on this in my previous post, but I’m basically saying that you can give up on this request. Not about your or my opinion. It’s not scalable and not within the vision they have for the forum, they want everyone to be able to participate from the point they start developing.


My point was to focus more on your needs/requests for what you need from the forum to be a successful developer (e.g. “I need a place to discuss professional development with peers”), rather than trying to go back in time to something unscalable.


I understand what you mean here but it would also be unfair for us “new members” to post.

Unless roblox makes to discussions

Which comes to think about you got the lounge for that do why are you complaining?

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A bunch of low-quality and off-topic threads came in…

Seriously, this is getting very, very frustrating. It almost feels like DET doesn’t care about this at all.
I can’t properly use the Developer Forum as a resource anymore, because I keep getting off-topic stuff pushed in front of my eyes.

I came on the Developer Forums to join a development related discussion and to ask for help and feedback in the Help and Feedback categories. Not to flag topics over and over again.

My point here is that you should close Development Discussion until the new Post Approval is done (which should be here almost 6 months ago now).

Make the Developer Forums a better place like it used to be, a resource for developers. Not the public Roblox forums 2.0


Development Discussion has become the “general” area of the forum, and the area for spam topics. I saw one about Snoop Dogg the other day and I realized that people will not post spam in areas that are not as “open” as Development Discussion.

And I just looked at Development Discussion and the top three results are all off-topic, and are mostly about updates or bugs.

However, there have been some great topics in this category created by Members, I’ll list a few below.

The first one is just a rant, the second one is more of a #waywoc type of thing. So I don’t agree personally.


Yes I do agree with this to a certain degree. However the thing about regular is i dont feel there is a truly cut out way of earning the promotion to regular and also there isnt promotions as of recently to regular i could be wrong though.

If the promotion to regular wasnt such a obscure procedure at the moment I would get behind this. Despite me not being a regular myself you bring up some valid points.

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As a member myself, I like any other can agree to this. Recently, there have been too much low quality, spam, off topic posts. Mostly these topics are created by new DevForum members who clearly did not read the rules and think they can use DevForum like a Discord server’s lounge. Many of us have seen topics like the one discussing about “how meth affects game development” which was inappropriate. Then, we have alot of people duplicating topics about updates that are either just rumors or things that have been posted already. There are also just too many low quality posts. However, before doing this they should make a new post approval system.


If they were to do this, they at least need to make upgrading to Regular a thing again.