Close discussion back!

Actually, there is one.

Someone else recommended that in Discussion, Members should only get their topic creation privileges taken away while they retain their ability to reply to posts.

It’s pretty much a perfect solution to the problem when you think about it, so I plan on making a new topic soon that goes more in depth about it.

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The ability to reply to reply to topics in Development Discussion is fine, but don’t allow them to create topics as you said.

Maybe 10% of the discussion topics created by members is actually encouraging discussion. The rest is off-topic.

Do something, DET. I haven’t seen you addressing this problem at all. Stop ignoring our feedback.


Sure, DET does not do anything but would spamming #forum-feedback with these types of complaints is not going to make anything better.

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I’m all for trying to fix the issue, but the solution shouldn’t punish the majority of forum users because some aren’t following the rules.


Tell me how you think we should fix this. We’re not spamming Forum Feedback, we just want our voices to be heard.

You kinda are, it’s not working so why even try when it was repeated numerous times and nothing happened.

Keep in mind this is a feature request from August 1, the category was opened in late July. Around July 29-31. The original was moved into #lounge:off-topic for no reason.

So it’s not spamming.

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:man_facepalming: I’m talking about now not August.

Spamming would be making several topics in this case, which there has been, but they all get unlisted anyway since one already exists. So still no

I think he’s talking about the replies here, since they repeat the same points over and over.

Yeah um DD isn’t looking good today…


To be honest many of these topics should be moved to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support so people post “is ____ against the TOS” in that category instead of Development Discussion.

So you are not getting the point of what I’m saying.

  • The same topic style
  • The same responses
  • The same complaint

Depends, most of these topics don’t fit into a category at all and some are generally leaned towards just platform support questions (hence the creation of this forum request).

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Was it not always opened to members? I’ve been able to post since late 2019, I am not a regular, and have always had access to it.

I would definitely agree with this IF roles like regular become attainable again. There are more members than you think who know how to make a good topic and make use of these categories, and deserve to be regular. Closing it would also close it to these people. In conclusion, until Regular becomes obtainable, I will have to disagree with this request.


It used to be only regulars and higher, but with more and more people coming onto the forum I believe it was opened up to the members so they can make topics for who knows what.

Actually, maybe add a sub rank like advanced member or something so the members who are actually going to make stimulating and fresh discussions can make it?
I saw a guy posting, ironically(not intended as a callout btw), about how to fix spam in #development-discussion when that was the wrong category and he was guilty of posting recent spam.

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I also second this opinion, I’m enjoying using the forum and I want to become a regular, I actually wouldn’t mind Discussion being re-closed so I seek out other’s topics in place of my own when it just comes to talking about good development practices, that’s general enough to eventually find something where I feel like I would’ve made a topic on it anyway. I am looking forward to becoming a regular when I’ve earned it, but I’m also incredibly wary of how or when it’ll be possible to become a regular soon again.

(I think a more pressing issue is something like bug reports being closed to members, in my opinion that is much more worth fighting for any sort of Members to access if they’re having legitimate issues running Studio for the first time)

I don’t understand why people are using DD as a place to complain about not receiving their Bloxy Award items (as if that’s even important) and to talk about the awards in general which doesn’t concern development.

If you made these posts and are reading this - FYI these don’t belong here