[CLOSED] 1DeadBoi's Building portfolio

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About Me

Hello there, this is a detailed portfolio of my work which should give a better understanding of the type of builder I am and the standards that I strive for. I’ve been on and off Roblox since 2012 and started experimenting with building on Studio around 2 years ago - since then I feel like I’ve come a long way from the start (hopefully only a fraction of my journey on Studio) and I’m starting to look for commissions to fund my own projects.

My Work

Low Poly


Images of main places within the game:


Here are other concepts/builds I’ve made

ones from this point onward are things i built when i had only just started getting into building.


My availability will be patchy due to college and studies. Although most weekends I will be free and willing to work for long periods of time. Most weekdays I can work 1-3 hours from 5 pm (GMT+1/GMT) onwards. (I will update this if my situation changes)


I can take Paypal or robux, my general starting price for most commissions is £10 or 1k robux although prices are negotiable dependant on what you’re wanting.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/xXDEADXx55
Discord: Barl#3179
note - Discord is preferred as I am more active on there and will get back to you faster.

Thank you for reading and I hope to do future business with you :slight_smile:


If you are looking for fantastic all around builder, you found him here. I commissioned 1DeadBoi for a large city-size map which finished under a week! Under pressure with no references at all, 1DeadBoi more than delivered. I am beyond satisfied with his work and would recommend him to anyone looking for a high-end build. Thank you again <3

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I like these builds, the styles are consistent and the quality changes to fit the theme.

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Commissions are now open once again, Message me if your interested! :slight_smile:

I’m interested in some low poly builds, I sent a friend request to your discord.

Hello! sorry for the long break of inactivity, I’ve been busy with my personal life. However, commissions are now OPEN once again! please feel free to add me for any questions :slight_smile: