[CLOSED] 2020 Summer Accelerator Mingling Thread

Interested in applying to the 2020 Summer Accelerator? Looking for a specific skill set? Or an entire team? This thread is a great place to post about it all!

Please ONLY post inquiries or portfolios. If you would like to converse with someone, please take it to DMs / Discord!

Minimum Requirements:

  • All participants must be 18+ years old.
  • All teams must consist of AT LEAST 2 Developers.
  • A programmer and builder are required to be on-site.
  • Each team needs a designated team leader.

More info in the original thread.

This thread will be locked once applications close.


UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who showed their interest, but we’ve managed to fill this spot on our team!

Hello everyone!

I’m former Accelerator jjjakey here, seeking a fourth member to cover the last required skill set needed to perfect the team we’ve put together.

About us:
The team so far consists of @jjjakey (Back end programmer and project lead), @ColdDeveloper (Front end programmer), @TheGh0stRunner (Sound designer, 3d modeler). Our works include Galaxy Quest, Hunted, and Circus Trip. Feel free to check them out!
https://www.roblox.com/games/2783554705/Galaxy-Quest – This was the former accelerator project, both ColdDeveloper and I were the programmers
https://www.roblox.com/games/457776912/Hunted – Primarily ColdDeveloper’s work, but both TheGh0stRunner and I have made contributions
https://www.roblox.com/games/3426681095/Circus-Trip-STORY – Gh0st did the sound work, most notably the voice acting on The Giggler

What we’re looking for:
We prefer somebody who’s able to work on site during the program.
Great communication skills, the ability to work in a team.
A builder capable of both props and terrain. Our planned project will have a mobile-first design focus so being able to keep the polygon count is a must.


Update: We are no longer looking to fill spots for our team.

Hi everyone,

Our team is looking for a programmer to help us with our project for the Accelerator program! The team currently is cbmaximillian and me.

Our idea is a sci-fi BR type of game with various weapons, animations, and features added into it.

If you’re interested or would like to know more about the project, feel free to DM me, and I’d be happy to share! The best way to reach me is through Discord: SFranxisco#0737

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Hey, I’m a scripter looking for a team! I’ve just created a portfolio, so please see that here


Hello all, DevUltra here!

I’m thrilled to finally be able to apply for the Summer Accelerator program this year! That said, I currently don’t have a team! So here’s some information about me:

  • I’m primarily a programmer, fluent in Lua, C, and a little bit of Java in addition to scripting languages like JavaScript (and Node), PHP (Sorry :frowning:), and Python. I’ve also worked with website and UI design.

  • I’m currently 18 and a resident of the United States.

  • On Roblox I’m most well known for creating the game Escape Room , but I have also worked on games like Risky Strats and Destined to Fail, among others.

  • I have some experience with music composition, but not much.

I’m looking for [ builders / artists / composers / interesting people ] to team up with for this opportunity! And I am looking for people who are going to be able to work on-site during the program.

So if you already have a team that needs a programmer, or you’d be interested in forming a team with me, please feel free to reach out to me here on the DevForums in DMs, on Twitter @DevUltraRBX, or on Discord at DevUltra#0001. I check Discord most often out of these however.

Thanks for your time everyone, and good luck to those of you who are applying! I can’t wait to hopefully meet all of you this summer!


Hi everyone!

I’m ThomasChabot. I’ve been a developer since 2008. My main thing is programming, but I can also help out on UI. I’m currently going to school for Computer Science, which I’ll be graduating from in the upcoming Fall semester (so my final date is going to be next December, with graduation in January 2021).

I’ve really worked on two big games in the last few years, The Maze Towers and Adventure Simulator. The links to each:
The Maze Towers - https://www.roblox.com/games/2158884655/The-Maze-Towers
Adventure Simulator - https://www.roblox.com/games/3371864346/Adventure-Simulator-BETA-v-01

But my main thing up to this point has been tinier projects I can get done in between schoolwork; that’s included things like Resizable GUIs, game frameworks, a plugin for uploading content to GitHub (the reverse of Rojo), etc. Most of that is available on my GitHub: https://github.com/Thomas-Chabot

If you have any other questions about my stuff please DM me! I’m hoping to join a team for the upcoming Accelerator, so please keep me in mind!

Thanks everyone for reading, and good luck to everyone with your applications!

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UPDATE: I have found a team, thank you very much to everyone who messaged me and good luck with your projects!

Hey everyone, what’s going on, I’m DurIock!

I’m not a fantastically well known dev but I’m trying to change that by learning as much as I can about the platform and doing all that I can. I’m a terrain designer, adept 3d modeler and builder. I’ve worked on Soro’s Italian restaurant with @TrustMeImRussian, Runker 51, and I’m a builder + facilitator of The Nighthawk Imperium’s Grand Crossing facility. I have a drive to become one of the best builders on the platform, attempting to improve myself in some discipline of building in some way daily when possible. I have a list of references and contact information available in private which can be provided upon request. Here are some of my most recent and favorite works, these are all screenshots solely of my contributions if these are collaboration projects:


Soro's Italian Restaurant


The Nighthawk Imperium's the Grand Crossing


Unfinished project

Weapons project - made in studio

Second weapons project - made in studio


Runker 51 - Server room and warehouse


Terrain & Environment Design

WIP project

RDC 2019 Gamejam project Commitable

Misc. Projects

Blender Modeled Assets

Battle axes for WIP Project


Various environmental assets created for builds




Becoming an accelerator is something I’ve wanted for years, ever since I became more serious about my developer work. I have a drive to improve until I’m one of the best on the platform, and then improving even further past. Looking for a team of like-minded individuals who will stop at nothing to provide a fun experience for all. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and good luck to all applying!


Hey guys!

I’ve been a developer since around 2007-2008, and I’m primarily a builder, but I’m getting the hang of Blender (which is reflected in my portfolio below). I’m currently a college senior, studying Computer Science and applying to graduate programs for Artificial Intelligence. I’ll be graduating next spring.

My portfolio is here: Builder - JukeRblx

And I already live in the bay area. :slight_smile:

You can contact me via Discord (justinn#4382) or by messaging me on the DevForums. Thanks!


Helloo, I’m Sawyer aka Soybeen, developer of Booga Booga. I’ve been to the Accelerator program 2 times before. I’m looking to lead a team.

Booga Booga was my Accelerator 2018 project, so I have warm feelings towards the program. I would be open to the idea of bringing a team to work closely on Booga Booga with me if I were to attend it for a third year. For the team, I want to recruit up-and-coming talent rather than people who already have active projects or commitments. I am looking for well-rounded people who have experience but want more, and people who can not only take good direction, but those who demonstrate independent problem-solving skills and personal initiative.

As team leader, I would plan the division of labor based around your skills. There is a lot of fundamental work that needs to be done on a game like Booga Booga, but even more room for innovation, so an open mind is necessary.

Since Booga Booga is already a well-established game, our time at HQ would be spent two ways; either designing new gameplay features, or optimizing existing ones. For example, our first task would be optimizing the game for Mobile, and making the game available for play on XBox during the first month of the program. Our second task would be designing NPC villages to behave like real players, so experience with programming and AI are fantastic.

Personally I am a well-rounded solo developer who has an intimate understanding of Roblox Studio and Lua. I have an entrepreneurial mindset, and will attempt to bring out the best of your abilities. I’m receptive, communicative, and I enjoy teaching, so I encourage questions.

When it comes to the type of person I’m prospecting for, I value some skills higher than others.
If you have experience with AI, character rigging, and NPC programming, you’re golden.
If you have experience with user input, and optimizing UI for all platforms simultaneously, you’re golden.
If you have experience with designing and managing flexible data storage systems, you’re golden.

Booga Booga speaks to my development style, but if you are interested in joining the team for the duration of the Summer Accelerator program, I will need to know more about yours. Send me a DM with a brief portfolio if you’re interested.

Good luck to all



I am looking to join a team for the Accelerator Program, here’s a little bit about me.


I’m dedicated, very laid back, and also very helpful and I do work well with others. This will hopefully be my first time in the Accelerator Program.

• Building - I’ve been mainly building on roblox for about almost 4 years, I’ve made many things just playing around.

• Scripting - I’ve recently been scripting for about 7 months learning a lot of things while doing so. (I want to switch over to mainly just programming)

• UI - I do make decent User Interface design.

EDIT: Here’s my portfolio.

As I’m making this post I do not have a game under my belt just yet. I’ve developed for a 100k+ member group and a 200k+ member group. But I am working on a game that is expected to release in the next week or so which I am the programmer for.

If you’d wish to see my work (Haven’t made a portfolio yet) you can contact me on the forums, or on twitter , or on Discord (Kenn#9743)

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Edit: I’ve found a team

Hey Guys! I’m JuanCupO’Juice.

I’m a 21 year old computer science student who will be graduating soon. I’ve been applying for Roblox internships for a few years now, so I am very excited for this opportunity.

I’ve been on the platform since about 2007, but I began building my own personal projects and showcases in 2013. Since then, I have gotten the chance to work with many fabulous people on multiple projects. During this time, I have taken every chance I have gotten that would allow me to improve myself, and pick up new skills.

  • Primarily a builder; mainly buildings and props
  • Familiar with Blender tools
  • Am knowledgeable of Java (taken four years of college level courses)

I would be happy to join a team looking for a flexible, enthusiastic, builder. Check out my portfolio below to see examples of my work over the years. Hit me up anytime if you’re interested in grouping up, or just want to chat :slight_smile:

Portfolio: https://sites.google.com/view/juancupojuice-portfolio/home
Discord: JuanCupO’Juice#4524


Hey everyone!

I’m IsaacThePooper and I’m extremely interested in doing the accelerator program with anyone! I have previously done the 2019 Spring Accelerator program and absolutely loved it! I’m an avid developer on the platform and I’d love to do anything in the Accelerator Program, wether it’s forming a team or joining a team, I’m down for anything!
Here’s some information about me:

  • I’ve been playing Roblox since 2009 and been developing since 2011.
  • I can build, script in Lua, UI design, some animation, and do some sound design. (I’m also learning Blender)
  • I’m 19 and live in the US
  • I’m most popular for my Nerf FPS game which I’ve been working on since 2016 and is pretty successful with 20 million plays and a peak concurrent of 11k.

My work:

I also have a building portfolio you can take a look at. The best way to reach me is through my Discord (IsaacThePooper#4507) my DM’s are open. My Twitter is also open and my DevForum DM’s too! I’ll be checking all accounts so you can reach me through whatever.


Still looking for another builder!

Hi there!

I’m looking to form a team to make an open-world collect-a-thon style game that’s packed to the brim with things to do. If you’re interested in joining the project and want to learn more about the game, hit me up via DM’s or through Discord (Chipio Industries#6773).

Roles to fill:

Builder (1 or 2)

Builders are necessary to build the fairly large, medium-detail city map in just a couple months.


  • Experience with Roblox Studio (duh)
  • Ability to match the style of the rest of the map


  • Experience with Blender
  • Organization skills (ability to sort game parts into folders and models)

Programmer (1)

A programmer would be helpful for implementing as many experiences as possible into the game, and also working with me to design the game’s over-arching framework as a collection of easily-interactable modules.


  • Experience with Roblox Studio
  • Ability to write readable, optimized code
  • Understanding of how to read and write documentation for the game’s codebase


  • Knowledge of HttpService and various 3rd-party services
  • Knowledge of character and camera manipulation

UI Designer (1)

A UI designer would create polished and well-structured menus for the game that would function across all kinds of devices.


  • Experience with Roblox Studio
  • Ability to design the interface with the user experience in mind


  • Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, or other design programs
  • Ability to create signage, symbols, etc.
  • Basic understanding of UI programming and ability to structure UI in a functional way

About me:

I’ve been on Roblox for over 8 years, and I have lots of programming and building experience, whether it be solo, team, or commission work. A few of my recent games are Adventure Simulator and Centrum City.


Lately, I’ve been quiet on Roblox because most of my time has been devoted to finishing up my Psychology and Computer Science majors, BUT I am now a week away from finishing university! I finally got started on a design document for a fun idea that involves food, monsters, adventure, and fighting. I think doing this program would be the best way to get the game done.

I participated in the Accelerator program in Summer 2018, where I worked on a game with pretty unique gameplay: Book of Monsters. I led that project, and was responsible for almost everything: scripting, UI, graphics, building, monsters, animations, and most of the design decisions.

For this project, I’m hoping to find a talented partner who has experience with 3D modelling and building, but the more skills the better because I already have a lot on my plate.
It’ll be an adventure game where you fight and collect monsters made out of your favourite (and least favourite) foods!

Hit me up on Discord: barcode#2430


Hey, there’s lots of scripters on here!
I would love to join a team as a builder.
I don’t have loads of portfolio work, so what should I try making right now as an example to show you?

I want to do a massive, all encompassing upgrade on the old game Roblox Battle. I have pages of notes on areas of improvement!

Discord: Sasha#1111

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Edit: I have found a team, thank you for DMing me about this!

Heya, I’m Niko!

I’ve been on ROBLOX for 6 years, scripting for about 3.

My best qualities could be described as: Determined, Hopeful, and Optimistic!

I’ve mainly just done scripting inside of ROBLOX, but I have done a little bit of UI design and animations as well!

Almost every game I’ve worked on has been solo-scripted, with the exception of Battle to Infinity

Here’s a list of the most notable games I’ve created~

If you would like to contact me for more info, please do so through my discord~


Thank you for reading my message. It means a lot.

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Looking for a group of highly motivated / creative individuals who are interested in teaming together for the 2020 Roblox accelerator program. Deadline to have all entries submitted to me will be 12/17/19 and can be submitted via discord @ BloxyFists#7772

Roles needed I

3D Modeler / Builder (1)

• This position requires the candidate to be capable to 3D model map objects, and assets to be used as stand alone (such as weapons) .


• Ability to work in a fast-paced team environment without losing quality.
• Ability to keep all models organized


• Experience with 3D Modeling software

Programmer (1)

A programmer would be helpful for implementing as many experiences as possible into the game, and also working with me to design the game’s over-arching framework as a collection of easily-interactable modules.


• Experience with Roblox
• Ability to write readable, optimized code
• Understanding of how to read and write code in OOP


• Knowledge of other languages (such as PHP or other web languages)

UI Designer (1)

A UI designer would create polished and well-structured menus for the game that would function across all kinds of devices.


• Experience with Roblox Studio
• Strong understanding of UI/UX design
• Resolution scaling


• Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, or other design programs
• Basic understanding of UI programming and ability to structure UI in a functional way

About me:

I am looking to form a team for the Accelerator program!

About me:

• I have scripted for since 2012 on Roblox, but joined the platform in 2008 having multiple accounts over the years. I’ve worked with lots of big names over the years and also developed a graphics
portfolio. (Such as Loleris, Cindering & ColdDeveloper)

• I’ve had my project “Clue: Crack the Case” featured in 2018 on tablet.
• Experience with PHP and MySql servers

If you would like examples of my scripting work, feel free to DM me, and I’d be to showcase! I love working with teams and would be interested in seeing what everyone has to offer!



Hello, I’m Fusion Swarly, Creator of Freddy Fazblox’s Pizza Roleplay and Murder. I’m looking to either form a team for a project that I already somewhat have laid out. I’ve been sitting on this project idea for a while, But the accelerator program would be perfect for getting this done (Or at least the first few levels functional).

I’ve gotten a recruitment post for the dev group I want to form. It has more details about the project. You can view it here.

The idea for a game I have is a single player RPG with gameplay similar to Ocarina of Time, with a mix of Windwaker. I want to have a N64 graphics style, With low poly models and low res textures. I’m working on an early story draft, And I have tons of ideas.

I’ve had previous experience in the 2019 RDC Game Jam, And we were able to make a somewhat functional game, So I’d probably be able to do a lot more in 12 weeks.

I’m good at scripting and somewhat good at building. I’ve done a lot of work in rigging characters in roblox studio (Example 1, Example 2), But I’ve also worked on projects that use gameplay loops, data stores, custom character movement (Didn’t do amazing with that though lol), Hostile NPCs, Game Menus, Custom Catalog Systems, and more. I’m very bad at UI design, but I can definitely script one.

Here’s some more of my projects I’ve done
https://www.roblox.com/games/888177733/Pokemon-Red-Blue-Testing (Something broke it, Not sure what)

If you’d like to join, Please contact me either here or on discord (I respond to discord faster).
Discord: Fusion Swarly#1337

Hello everyone,

We’re looking for a builder/modeler.

We are 2 programmers and 1 builder and we’d like to expand that.

We have a project in mind that we’re very excited about.

If you’d like to join an experienced team DM me here or on Discord.

Discord: shmoo#3289


Edit: No longer looking for a team, I’ve formed my own, if you’re interested in joining and working on DoS add me on discord and we can discuss further.

Hi I’m Nill, I’ve been on the platform since 2012. I’m 21 and Roblox has always been hobby in my free time. I’m looking to make something out of it. I’m experienced in scripting and modeling. (College CAD experience modeling)

Ideally I’d like to put a small team together and focus on a project I’ve been working on in my free time for the past year. DoS I’d mainly like to add a builder/modeler to the project, scripting experience is definitely a plus.

Otherwise, I’d be completely fine joining a team, I’m mainly looking to be in the program for the experience and to further develop my skills. I’m a builder before anything, but I can do a bit of everything.

  • Animations
  • Texture / Photoshop
  • UI Designing

If you’re interested in forming a team with me and joining my DoS project or inviting me to your own, I’m on discord Nill#0001.