[CLOSED] Apply to be featured in the Halloween sort... if you dare!

Do you know if game owners were contacted beforehand?

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welp the halloween sort went live and… i am disappointed; this was the one chance for roblox to give small developers a chance and they screwed it up;
filled with copy-paste garbage or already-popular games that already are in multiple sorts


Yes, these were my exact thoughts…

Very, very disappointed. Epic Minigames doesn’t even look visibly like a halloween game! Nor “Tornado Alley Ultimate”! And Isle? My brother plays that all the time; there isn’t an ounce of halloween in it. (No hate to the devs, Roblox just shouldn’t have put them on there)

Well there goes my chances of getting big on Roblox…


The truth is that I was delusional to believe that this was an opportunity for small developers to make our work visible, however, I feel a terrible disappointment when I find blockbuster games, which appear in various categories on the main page. And that they probably didn’t even take the time to fill out that form lie.


Sorry Roblox, but this halloween sort doesn’t make any kind of sense.
It is filled with games that doesn’t even have halloween content (for example Ragdoll Sim, in a halloween sort!!) and only big games (with 5 million visits+) are on it, with most of the games already being on the front page.
This was the perfect opportunity to finally display smaller games to a wider public, but this just seems like a ‘ok it is almost halloween let’s but random games in a halloween sort so we get more players on roblox’ category, rather than ‘It’s almost halloween! Embrace the spirit of halloween in these spooky games, Happy Halloween!’ sort.
Only do these kind of forms if you’re into putting smaller games on the front page. Otherwise, just let do your algoritm the work.


Honestly depressing…

90% of these games are low quality simulators or already popular games… come on roblox.
This sort is a legit disgrace, please put new games on next time… :confused:


Yeah. Same, some games barely even had “Halloween”. I mean there is more to a “Halloween Game” then just adding pumpkins and calling it a day.


Well the new sort and live and I’m not going to try and sugar coat it, I’m disappointed.

Before anyone comes at me, the Roblox platform has full control over who gets on the sort and who does not and I respect their decision to go with the current games on the sort but a lot of these games already have tons of exposure from either being on other sorts or just naturally having a lot of players… and secondly, a lot of these games barely have Halloween content. Respectfully, how can you call this a Halloween sort if nearly half of these games don’t have sufficient Halloween content?

In the end, I respect the direction that Roblox decided to go with the sort, I just wished that they put a little more thought into supporting small developers and selecting games that actually worked hard to produce Halloween content for its player base (some amazing games are thankfully on the sort) our game was also backed up by our amazing community who wanted to also submit an application recommending our game to be put on the sort as we really planned this update out and haven’t seen much exposure. I’ll link my game below and you can be the judge if it is sufficient or not.

No hate to Roblox, just stating my opinion.



I am disappointed by the lack of communication about this. I applied with The Witching Hour Remastered, a rewrite of a game that hasn’t been playable in 7 years, which is a dedicated Halloween game, and it wasn’t added. At least something ahead of time saying that it will or will not be on the sort would have helped.


I was so excited to have a game from my studio in a recommended section, and it was seen by a lot of people. But I see that they only chose games from famous developers, and not from small ones, who are trying more and more to bring content to this community.

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I am disappointed. Most of the games on the sort are games with 1K+ players, and not the smaller games. Give us a chance at least!


Worked hard and probably have one of the most interactive Halloween events seen in a while not to mention part two releases tomorrow yet didn’t even get chosen. I guess a fully functioning Halloween carnival wasn’t as appealing as a few simulators that literally just added pumpkins in their maps.


here’s also a little thing we can all agree on:
next time don’t make an application and give small devs false hope, every sort is gonna be “reigned” over by copy-paste garbage or popular games anyways


They only will pick games that have relevance.


i agree fully with that, but the main issue is that roblox did not check wether it would actually fit into a halloween sort either


I know what you mean, been working an a remake of before the dawn for a little over a year and just finished right before it went live. Game is like fully horror/halloween and is a sequel to a game that got covered a crazy amount by roblox and was in events and stuff. Got beat out by games that don’t even have any themeing. Feels bad.

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I am really sorry to hear that, sadly roblox are a tad too lazy nowadays, no more visor tradition, no more hats for a halloween event, it’s sad too see. I hope your game does well though.

Good luck!

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I feel like the staff didn’t even look at my game.

I was a bit hesitant about the birthday option, since that could be a way for them to review less applications if the developer is very young, and I am young. When I saw that my game wasn’t on the new sort, I thought it could have been a few things, like a lack of localization or support for xbox.

But I noticed that all the games on the sort were things like Spooky Simulator and Wormy. I’m starting to think that Roblox only did this for money, because all the games on there were shoving microtransactions down players’ throats for years. It disappoints me to see something like this happen… Did they see that I wasn’t as old as the other developers and skipped it? Did they see that my game didn’t have much of a following and skipped it? Did they see that I didn’t put as much time into monetization as they wanted and skipped it?

Because most of the games on the new sort have a new halloween map, maybe a few new items here and there, and that’s it. But my game had a completely new custom halloween soundtrack (3 new songs and 2 new sound effects), new menus, lighting and atmosphere changes, and a COMPLETELY redesigned UI. I saw that PixelatedCandy even added a whole new Halloween Carnival to her game, but all the accepted games are simulators and copy-pasted games.

Did they even look at mine? Did my efforts go down the drain? Will anyone ever see what my game had to offer them?

I don’t know about you, but just looking at the intro, there is already more halloween content here than in the games featured in the new sort.


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I’ve been watching your game, and yes, you’re right, there are games like yours that should have been, not like all those simulators that I think only have the word “Halloween” in their name xD. I will try to promote your game in one of my videos that I will be doing.

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I didn’t apply, and I’m a bit late here, but did they even acknowledge the smaller games? The majority of the games on there have over 1k+ concurrent players and were already very well known.

It’s unfair to these smaller developers, they get hope and a chance to get their game well known, and they most likely didn’t even have their game looked at, with the sort being filled with games that were already on the front page to begin with!

These smaller developers put hard work to put as much Halloween content they could, and a lot of the games on the sort barely have any Halloween content in it.

Seems like these smaller games didn’t even get a chance in the first place.