[CLOSED] Builder for hire | Low poly, Cartoon style, Realistic

I am currently replacing the old builds with new ones, excuse for lack of references!
Hi there! I am toocrusty, I joined ROBLOX in 2014 and eventually started building and I’ve been building ever since.

I am offering my services as a builder. I specialize in creating low poly assets. I am more inclined to accept long term contracts.

“The more people I serve, the more effective I become.”
-R. Buckminister Fuller


Happy Castle

Happy Castle [Showcase/Portfolio] - Roblox

Stylized Portal

I am available for a minimum of eight hours of work on the weekdays, you could expect less hours on weekends. You can contact me any time, I usually reply very quickly.

My base payment for building commissions - R$ 25k

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or by:

DISCORD - Preferred form of communication.
toocrusty#8196 - if you want to copy nd paste !

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Those are some quality work! keep it up mate!


nice builds. hope you strive to make even more cooler builds


Quality work. Looks very nicely designed and built.

My project doesn’t need help on building though, it’s my solo game project and its doing well

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Nice, I wish you good luck with your game. Looking forward seeing it on front page.


Its under development right now, so it may take a few months to be ready

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It looks really nice, best of luck to you.

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@toocrusty is a great builder, trustworthy and a talented guy. I recommend hiring him. :slight_smile:


Not only does toocrusty have a good work ethic but he also produces high quaility for reasonable prices. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for lowpoly or cartoon styled builds.

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Great guy, made free art for me and a very good builder. He’s a friendly and kind person, would definitely recommend him.

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Thank you all for the kind comments, I really appreciate it.

Trustworthy and talented builder. Recommended.


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Reopened commissions! I was busy learning blender, finally got a hang of it (somewhat).

wow, just wow. im speechless, until i starting building i never appreciated low poly builds but things like this helped change my mind. this is absolutely amazing!

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Thank you very much, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Worked along with this person. Great builder and definitely worth a potential.

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Hey before I hit you up, DO you think you could build an interior only house with no assets inside? Budget being 500-800 R$

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Beautiful Pieces of Work! Might Consider for a future project!

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I’m sorry but I’m doing commissions over 25k as of now.

Dude your work is Truly amazing you are for sure one builder i look up too and i want to build like you.

Thanks for inspiring me.

I Wish to talk to you one day for some advice.

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