[100k+ R$] [HIRING] Builder

Hello I am DogeExploder and I am thinking about helping you out. I will contact you if I do decide to.

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I have decided to contact you.

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Hello, how are you? I’d be interested to work for you, but I don’t like spoken by Email addresses. Do you have a discord account?

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You can drop your portfolio here as well and I’ll review it and be in touch if I am interested.

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Can I send you the links of but creation?

Hey, I’m interested! Here’s my portfolio, let me know.

[Open] DogeExploder - Builder Portfolio This is my portfolio.

Here is my portfolio! Knify - Roblox GFX Designer for hire!

Friend me in discord if interested!: Knify#3938
looking forward to work with you!

First Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/5083332169/Volcomone-Expedtion




https://www.roblox.com/games/5606535657/Pour-Pushy (It’s not my GUI, i’m just Builder

My portfolio: [Open] DogeExploder - Builder Portfolio

My discord: DogeExploder#7053

my discord:
yo moma#7058 add me

wait dint you only 1 year experience

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YEA thats why im not interested anymore

Hello! I’m very much interested in this position and would be grateful if you looked over my portfolio!

Also, I just recently finished a build for True Colors that I haven’t added to the portfolio yet you can find that here; https://www.roblox.com/games/5523043717/True-Colors-Central-Park?refPageId=c0d137fa-0f84-4e09-8be8-4e77c05860c2

I am interested in helping. However, I don’t want 150k, that’s too much. I just want to work for the onion premier. I can send portfolio privately via DMs.

I don’t exactly have 3 years into studio, only 3 months into it + blender, I will just leave my portfolio here.



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VeryRBLX here, my Discord is VeryRBLX#9539 and my portfolio is VeryRBLX - Builder

I’m interested in building for you and I hope we can come in contact soon.

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I’m Interested, I’m pretty advanced at building

Heres my portfolio,

I’ll be responding to submissions within tomorrow. Still taking more. Feel free to email us.