[[Closed]] Disparrel || Music Composer

:musical_score: Greetings fellow :roblox: Developers! :musical_note:

:musical_note: About Me

I am Disparrel, a composer within the ROBLOX community. I have been offering my services since December 2019. :musical_note:

:musical_note: Examples

:musical_note: Who I have worked for in past…

Previous Employers / Previous Projects

Hired by @EternalCanadianDev
Hired by @CraftThatNow
Hired by @IAmPinleon
Hired by @WealthyBatman232
Hired by @Thatnoobdevalt
Hired by @ MultipleHeadshots

:musical_note: Availability

I am available Monday through Friday from 3 - 5 PM. On weekends, I can work all day if needed. (My timezone is Central Standard Time.)

:musical_note: Payment

Per track I would like to be paid in the price range of :robux: 500 - 1,000. Prices are negotiable though.

:musical_note: Contact Information

Disclogo // Disparrel#1552
Tweeeeet // @Disparrel

I would prefer to be contacted through Discord, rather than anything. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

:musical_note: -Side note for clients-


I usually tend to use various loops for music/audios I create. The loops are from a copyright-free library in the program I am using.

Programs I use

I use Soundtrap.

Why did you just re-post your portofolio?

I just re-posted my portofolio for update reasons, plus, I find it weird if I made my other portofolio say ‘closed’ then, ‘open’, again and again.

Payment before delivery

Note that I will only accept pay before delivery of the product, this is to ensure I am getting paid, because in past projects I have made audio’s and not gotten paid. Thanks!


Love it! I might need you in the future for my game! Keep up the good work!! :hidere:


I have added you on discord; looking forward to commissioning you.


I highly suggest keeping only one portfolio, unless creating a portfolio of a different development area. You should keep only 1 portfolio, so people can read the comments. Another reason you should keep one portfolio is so anybody who bookmarks your portfolio can be notified when you update it/ keep you in hand. And, in some cases it can be considered spam.


Commissions still open! Contact me on Discord if interested!

Made me a 2 minute boss track, it was very well done and I paid him 2 thousand robux for it, he worked very fast I highly recommend him for any project!

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Still open! Contact me via Discord if you’d like to hire me! :fire:

Highly vouch Disparrel, very kind, very professional, and his services are quick!


I have sent you a friend request on discord.

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added you on discord. looking forward on doing business with you!


Closed. Please do not message me on Discord! I expect this to be closed for a while.

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Not a great experience with him we had problems for sure but feel free to contact him if your comfortable with his style.