[CLOSED] Experienced Modeler [PORTFOLIO]

About Me

I am a Low-Poly builder and Modeler. Currently, I am 16 years of age (if that matters), and growing my knowledge in the world of 3D modelling. Have been modelling for a little over a year now



This is a cliff/grassland. It can be whatever you want it to be depending on how you scale it. large asset

A simple rock. nice small asset

A classic Polygon tree. Each uniquely made. Colours, of course, will be made to your desire. Medium asset.

Same things to say as Tree above. Medium asset

A very fun to make Palm Tree. Medium asset


Food Bowls

Textured foods



For @Freezenex


NOTE: I am not experienced in making large maps yet but it is not impossible.

Japanese Island

Tropical Island



I’ve been experimenting with photo-realistic rendering. If all goes well, I might consider opening it up for commissions.

My showcase is here. I used all of the examples above to create a little scene. Builds [SHOWCASE] - Roblox :smiley:


I am available for 5-9 hours of work on the weekends. Please feel free to contact me anytime


:red_circle: PLEASE READ :red_circle:

  1. If you take me in for a commission you acknowledge that I have no influence in your project/Group and that if you decide to discontinue/Hold the game then I MUST be paid for my completed work.
  2. Payment for big builds will be in increments or have a down payment, this would be discussed further in DM’s.
  3. I am open to making fixes on the builds 5 days following completion, if these changes are complex or large then I have the right to either decline them or ask for an additional payment (Unless it’s a mistake I made). After the 5 day period, I will either have the right to decline or ask for payment upon these fixes.
  4. Payments are subject to change under my control.
  5. No refunds, unless I cannot complete the project or do not achieve the intended goal of the project, this is all to be decided by me, (all insight is considered of course).


Prices are negotiable; I do pay per asset. My preferred payment method is R$ but I am open for USD if the project is big.

  • Small asset (R$25-100)
  • Medium asset (R$250+)
  • Large asset (R$500-1000+)
  • Models have a base payment of R$500 per model. Prices determined by complexity and difficulty
  • Maps have a base payment of R$2000



You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Sadonk#6208

Feel free to leave any comments/questions below. Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Have you ever tried voxel art?

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I’ve seen it before but I haven’t actually tried it. If its something I’m interested in learning, then I’ll update my portfolio.

The models look great , I sent you a Discord friend request

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Very patient & flexible. I would recommend working with him.


I’m willing to do some generally quick work for the first person to request a build. Nothing too complex.

Added you on discord to ask you something ( To do with the commission)

Greetings, how much would a 3D logo of this icon cost;TransparentPalms

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I will see what I can do this weekend. Feel free to contact me on discord about info/questions you have.

Hey there!

Your assets look pretty great!! I was wondering if you’ve got any screenshots for full map builds you’ve made?

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Yep! I’m closed rn so I don’t wanna update my portfolio till I’m opened. But that shouldn’t be long as My current project should be done this afternoon.

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Vouch for Broken_Chainz. Did the models very quickly, efficiently, and effectively! Flexible with revising his work and capable of showing great results. I would highly suggest hiring this user for props and assets, and I will definitely hire this user again. Absolutely astounding!


Your work is amazing, and the price is pretty decent compared to other commissions I’ve seen. Honestly, I’m impressed.

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[UPDATED] Added a LOT more images, also made things a lot more cleaner.

Would you accept roblox gift card as payment?

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Yup! It would be considered as a USD payment.

I’ve added you via Discord; I’m iGrxious | Stewie#1000! Do you make food models? If so, what would that count as?

If you are asking robux, I will pay you 2k group funds,Robux for a large assest, I will pay when the game is finished.
My discord is Arziio#4953

Hi! I’m interested in hiring you to make a palm tree model and maybe a model of a cactus for a desert map for my game, I’ll send you a message on the DevForums.

I haven’t commissioned Broken_Chainz before but I have worked for him. He is very flexible, encouraging, and kind. If you are thinking about hiring him, I would recommend you to do so.