[CLOSED] Experienced Programmer (% and/or up to 1,000 USD)


Jumoki Studios is hiring an experienced programmer to complete an unfinished game, Derby Wars. Derby Wars is based on the demolition derby motorsport and features vehicles with projectile-launching weapons mounted on their roofs. The current game mechanics and functionality are overcomplicated and need to be simplified. Creating a simplified game by salvaging most existing assets will facilitate development and provide room to increase the game’s appeal. This simplified game will feature gameplay similar to an existing game on Roblox, Saber Simulator, which will entail coding back-end systems and front-end interfaces. Most models, user-interface panels, and front-end code already exist.

The Team
@Sir_Trolling - Project Lead & Builder/3D Modeler (Portfolio Hyperlink)
@PalaisV - Graphic Artist (Portfolio Hyperlink)
xXLegendarySoldierXx - Ex-Lead Programmer (Portfolio Hyperlink)
GreekForge - Ex-Physics Programmer (Portfolio Hyperlink)
(Both of the previous programmers’ portfolios feature examples of Derby Wars’ mechanics)

Existing Assets Examples

Below are a handful of examples of the existing code and visual assets of Derby Wars

User Interfaces

https://gyazo.com/669cb7912b053f04dd440c7a85432500 (specifically the HUD at the top of the screen)

Vehicle/Weapon Mechanics

https://gyazo.com/42b3b2bba72c0eb908d186c2550b250b (ignore car bouncing)
https://gyazo.com/574faec69ac416620b9630bb65d4d5f4 (ignore failure to deal damage)
https://gyazo.com/157fee6028e6143a7ec19e03cac6a924 (ignore failure to explode after taking sufficient damage)

(Some of these GIFs are outdated and additionally show bugged features that have since been fixed)


We are willing to provide a generous revenue percentage that should outweigh the workload. Details can be discussed privately. If preferred, we can also pay directly but are not looking to spend over 1,000 USD.


Discord (preferred): Jordan#1239
Twitter: @Sir_TrollingRBX
DevForum: @Sir_Trolling


I can vouch for this opportunity. @Sir_Trolling has always come through with payments and is straightforward with any requests as well as requirements.
This is certainly worth your time.


The project lead and I are still actively searching for the programmer. Please do not miss out on this opportunity to join us!

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