Non-Humanoid Rig Builder Plugin (For the animation editor)

Hey Roblox developers! I’ve created a plugin for this feature request.
This is a plugin meant to serve as an easy access way of rigging non-humanoid objects such as chests, vehicles, doors, and more.

How do you use Connect?
Select your root part, select the parts you want to attach to it, and click the connect button!

What does Keep Selection do?
Keep selection ensures that anything you had selected before remains selected (not including parts). It’s enabled by default and your preference saves.

What about Auto Connect?
Auto connect determines root parts based on intersections! Each intersecting group of parts will be connected.


The red parts and green will be connected to their corresponding colors. This is because the red parts intersect each other, but green parts don’t intersect the red parts.

This is especially useful when building animations from multiple meshes and colors. If you have separate pieces to your mesh which are made up of different colors and don’t intersect they can be automatically resolved using this button.

Make rig
The make rig button is pretty simple too! Click it and it creates an AnimationController in any Models and Folders you have selected. This is important for actually animating the object, and is the non-humanoid replacement instance for Humanoids.


This plugin has received a long needed update. Some issues have been fixed and many many comments have been added. The description of the plugin has additionally been updated to contain more antibot text.

Several changes:

  • The broken Make rig icon was replaced.
  • In some cases the Join utility of the plugin would improperly connect Motor6Ds and parts would be moved to strange locations. This has most likely been fixed.
  • Auto connect now applies a small check around parts. As of creating this post, this value is set to connect parts within 0.065 studs of other parts. Previously these parts would have required physical intersection to connect. Tl;dr this means auto connect is more reliable in connecting touching parts. (P.s. let me know if you’d like this value to be easily configurable)
  • Many many comments were added to describe to reading users how my code is functioning, including within the joint utility module.
  • The plugin’s script folder has been renamed, as well as the toolbar title (it’s now shorter).

Note: Just refixed CFrame issues again as well as added ChangeHistoryService support so you can undo/redo.


I might check this out soon! Looks great.

Gonna check this out, as an animator this is very nice compared to having to turn models into characters!

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Excuse me @Hexcede what exactly does this plugin do? Is it like RigAnimator but for models (not NPC’s), so I can animate, a house for instance?

It isn’t an animation tool, it just helps create rigs on stuff that isn’t a humanoid.

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OK, so basically this plugin is a sort of transformer, so that the Animation Editor can animate it, correct?

Very cool plugin actually, i’ll see about installing it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess, it isn’t super complex though, just a quick way to create a lot of Motor6D joints, which is what the animation editor uses.