[CLOSED] fl0mDev's Portfolio| Scripter

Hello everyone! My name is Pavel(mostly known as TheFuNNyGaMe) :slight_smile:. I am Programmer since 2017,so i know how to operate Roblox studio pretty well.


Some Works

–// Pets
PetsSystem Showcase - YouTube

– // Numbers Converter

– // Camera Shake In Beat
ShakeOnBeat ShowCase - YouTube

– // Jailing Command


– // Inverse Kinematics

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– // Platform Moving With Player

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– // One More IK, using FABRIK

– // Crate Opening System

P.S Its not all, im editing post currently


I am available for three to five hours of work everyday! You can contact me any time.


depending on complexity


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord
P.S my discord: flm#0001
twitter: @fl0mast3r
RUS TikTok: flomasterdeveloper

Thx for reading my portfolio :cupid:
I hope u like my works, cya!


Hey Pavel! I really like and appreciate some of your work here. my only improvement would maybe be to raise the price a little as 100 robux equates to 35 cents or something like that. On another note, i’d maybe also work on expanding your detail on your UI’s ( if you did make them ) Other than that, some fantastic work that I haven’t seen before

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Thanks for your cool answer.
I am realy bad in making UI’s. It’s will be cool if someone shows me how to do it better

Shame I can’t make UI’s but I highly suggest trying to learn. I know some people make 300-400$ per commission from it.

I will try to explain my self

I would like one Tool, a Book.
When you enter the book you will have to choose (the type of game is a Museum)
Real Life OR ROBLOX and if someone clicks in roblox,there will be some Icons of the roblox Games and people(fron the past) and if you click in ine Icon, When you click on it to be a Story about that game/person. I hope you Understand me.
Could you do that?

Just a suggestion, If you would like to directly speak with a developer/etc, I recommend doing it in a private space as the public forums where everyone can see means more space is taken up and other people who wish to comment or give some contact information will have less chance to do so as there is more to read by the developer.

Just a suggestion!

Hmm, That’ll be great but I have a problem, The problem is that I am looking for scripters that do that and I am dling copy paste, And till I write the message and open and close Private and write again Scripters for hire it will take a while…

:happy4: beautiful portfolio. Im going to bookmark this when I need a scripter. TEACH ME SEMPAI

Hey!Thank you, it really warms my soul

Hello there! I’ve added you on discord, but you have to accept me, I’m Harmless_Sound#6196

I know your portfolio is closed, but I have a project that i’d love to have you part in. Your discord username is changed, so if your interested my username is Dilabun#6861