[CLOSED] Hiring Scripter and builder looking for something different! *$21+ an hour*

Hey there! :smiley:

I’m a ROBLOX YouTube Creator looking to gather a small team for collaboration on a YouTube game series. I’ve wanted to create a custom series which features work from developers alongside a roleplay path. This would be a major passion project of mine.

This will be a NEW TEAM. I’ve worked with many developers in the past and want to create something new!

Scripter Position:
Working with myself and the builder we’d be constructing roleplay sets and stories. You’d be bringing them to life. I’m looking for someone who wants to work in the YouTube Industry, potentially voice acting and/or being involved in videos. Talent is wanted but someone who has a good attitude is a MAJOR plus!

This is a paid position, $21.00 per hour with an expected 20+ hours a week, with potential of leading into a much larger role. Percentages will also be split accordingly.

Builder Position:

Working with myself and the scripter creating stories. you’d be constructing roleplay sets. This will require more creative input but less time commitment. I’m looking for someone who wants to work in the YouTube Industry, potentially voice acting and/or being involved in videos. I expect light work loads.

This is a paid position, an expected 8-9+ hours a week, $15.00 per hour. Can definitely lead into a bigger role depending on interest.

This is a great opportunity to grow your other social medias and get involved in the YouTube space

I’m very flexible and would love to chat with anyone who questions and/or is interested. PM me or leave a reply and we’ll go from there!


  • Tofuu

Would be interested. I’m a much better builder now! I do UI’s and basically everything except scripting


I am very interested in building for you with a low poly or realistic style. Add me on discord Slurpsy#9209

I’m interested, you can contact me through Discord or Twitter!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dev_Inspirre
Discord: Pixel#0005

I’m interested in doing scripting work for you. Please contact me on discord at lskid#7319

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I’m interested in doing some building - I feel like I would be fantastic at this… DM me for some of my work, Zerxal#5676

I am interesed in building for you… i am a beginner but i build good and i dont care if u pay me or if u dont pay me. DevBoom#4911

Hey there!
Im interested in the programmer position, I have 2 years experience and would love to help with this idea. You can contact me either on Discord or Twitter.

Discord: ScrxedDev#5848
Twitter: @ScrxedDev_

I would like to become a builder. I can build all kinds of themes like cartoonish builds to realism. Please contact me at the discord bellow. Thanks.

Discord: Anar270 (Projects Busy)

Twitter: anar270

Hey there! I would be able to help you out to work as a builder. With 5+ years of experience I am able to offer good quality builds with using any kind of theme. My Discord tag is “DasBaum2#7358”

Hello! I am a long time Scripter with a vast amount of experience and would like to apply for the Scripter Position. I have sent you a DM on DevForum as well as a Discord Friend request. My discord is Legitmanp#0002

I look forward to a response!

I’d be interested in the programmer position. You can find me on twitter @yeitadev, via DevForum DM, or via Discord @ Yeita#8354

Looking forward to hear from you!

Hello @forstaken,
I have always wanted to create what you stated above, I have been building on roblox for 6 years, and I am highly skilled with low poly and detailed work, I spend lots of time making sure my work is perfect for all endeavours. You can find some of my work here: [OPEN] Veesom - Builder | Portfolio
I hope to be working with you soon :blush:

I am DEFINITELY interested. This sounds like an awesome opportunity.

Seems cool I’m interested add me. Strongjohnf#3016 and or my Roblox.

Question: Is the builder required to do voice acting? It seems weird how voice acting and the building position are both combined.

Hello, I"m interested in this I’m a low poly artist if you’d like to see some examples of my work please add me on discord TheTimeDefender#1089. Kind Regards ZoomCode

I’m interested in the building position. You can contact me on discord @GoofyLorrd#1303.

Sent you a message add me on discord for more details AaronJ#9991

I’m totally interested, and I have ton of experience.

In the past years, I have worked only with the biggest main-stream developers.

Hope you’d like to contact me, via discord or dms.