[CLOSED] Hiring UI Designer + 2D Artist

Not quite my style, sorry! Looking for a simple semi-low poly map.

Ok! Thank you anyways. (30 charssss)

I’m not too sure if this is the style you need but here is my portfolio:

I can fill the map more for your’s.

This is the kinda thing I’m looking for if anyone’s wondering, if anyone can do it better I may hire them. If not I’ll def hire this guy.

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Just updated with more details, the builder above hasn’t replied back to me. And I’m still looking for both jobs.

Just contacted you about the building position.

My discord: AVO#0533

I’m interested my discord is: aguilarrover#0037

I don’t think I meet the style but it’s worth checking my portfolio out just in case :slight_smile: RoadmanBruno | Builder Portfolio [OPEN]

Just recruited the builder! Now properly looking for a UI designer.

Just added some more updates, now looking for a 2D artist!

Still interested in finding a 2D artist? My portfolio is here. [Open] Jupiterc's 2D art: Conceptual design, gamepass icons, ads, etc

If you like my style contact me on discord: Foul#0347.

UI position still open?

Yep! DM me on discord? I can supply with all needed details there.

2D artist position still open?

Yep! Otherwise I’d have edited this post. DM me for more details if you’re for the job!

Hi, thank you for the quick response. Is it alright if we talk through DevForum? It’s my preferred communication. :slight_smile:

I could probably do game art, anyways heres my commission sheet Deeds 2D Art Commissions!

Hi, I’m interested to join your team. I would like to apply for the UI position, if it’s still available.
My Discord is: TendoMVP#6894
-Just incase I can’t contact you.:slight_smile:

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