[CLOSED] Hiring UI Designer + 2D Artist

About Us

Hi there! I’m likeajumpingpro, owner of a small development studio, and I’m recruiting people to help work on my upcoming game!

The Team

@likeajumpingpro - Lead Developer / Scripter
@ionut1234v2 - Builder
@couldbeyou - UI
@couldbeyou - Artist


I’m looking for someone who can make stuff like this:


Don’t quite have much of a sample, but something cartoony and similar to Murder Mystery 2’s UI.
More details can be supplied in DMs


UI: 2.5k Robux
Icon + Thumbnail: 2k Robux
Apologies for the low payment, I don’t have a huge budget.

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord at Toxic#2799, you will need to have a portfolio.
I’ve just finished writing requirements for people if you want to know what your job is DM me.


will#4070 , I added you.

Still looking for people, and just wrote the requirements for both jobs. DM me if you need them.

Not quite sure if you meet the style I’m going for, sorry!

Do you want the blocks to be as is? As in recreating blocks that are similar to minecraft blocks or just roblox parts?

Not blocks, just a map that copies that sort of style of floating islands. The block idea would be wayy too complex.

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I’m interested! Here’s my portfolio: (Commissions Open) Builder and 3D Modeler

Your builds are a bit bland, too much open space. But that’s my opinion.

I’m interested, you can contact me via discord: laughingeevees#8659

Portfolio: https://hn1999rr.wixsite.com/laughingeeveesbuild

Not quite my style, sorry! Looking for a simple semi-low poly map.

Ok! Thank you anyways. (30 charssss)

I’m not too sure if this is the style you need but here is my portfolio:

I can fill the map more for your’s.

This is the kinda thing I’m looking for if anyone’s wondering, if anyone can do it better I may hire them. If not I’ll def hire this guy.

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Just updated with more details, the builder above hasn’t replied back to me. And I’m still looking for both jobs.

Just contacted you about the building position.

My discord: AVO#0533

I’m interested my discord is: aguilarrover#0037

I don’t think I meet the style but it’s worth checking my portfolio out just in case :slight_smile: RoadmanBruno | Builder Portfolio [OPEN]

Just recruited the builder! Now properly looking for a UI designer.

Just added some more updates, now looking for a 2D artist!