[CLOSED] k1rboo | Intermediate - Experienced Builder, Game Designer and Translator§


k1rboo’s Portfolio


Greetings! I am ecstatic to see you looking through my portfolio. I am a Polish-based developer, with well over 2 years of experience in the ROBLOX Building spectrum. I don’t have a set style, yet most jobs I get are low-poly based.

As a Translator, I know 3 languages, them being Polish, English, and German. The 2 first are ones that I consider my priority languages, and I believe I’m fluent in both of them. With German, I am a bit less advanced, yet I still have enough knowledge to translate from and to this language.



You can view some of my work here:

Here are some screenshots of my work

Restaurant Build | 1

Built in late 2020.

Restaurant / Café Build | 2

Built in September/October of 2021

Restaurant Build | 3

Built in November-December of 2021.

Restaurant Build | 4

Built in February of 2022.

Some Booth Designs

Built in 2020.

Sci-Fi Lobby Design

Built in 2020.



WEEKDAYS: Really depends, you can look for at least 2 hours of availability every weekday apart from Mondays.
WEEKENDS: At least 3 hours per day, although entirely dependent on school and personal situations.




When it comes to payment, there are two options to compensate me for my work. One of those is Robux payments in form of Robux (and Robux only!) via group payouts or shirt/t-shirt, if you are able to cover the tax. The other method of paying me is via PayPal.

My prices

  • Commissions start at 6000R$ or 21USD, and scale in price depending on size, detail, complexity, and requirements.
  • I wish to notify you that I am open to a small bit of negotiation regarding the price.
  • These may not be final prices, as they might change over time and will be updated accordingly.

Please take into consideration I do take a 15% upfront payment before any expansive work is done. After the commission has been finished, I am paid first before handing the build over.


Rate is flat, and it’s 6 USD per 300 words translated, scaling upwards, increasing the price every 50 words are translated. For ROBUX, please use the DevEx rates.


You can contact me on:
The Developer Forum: k1rboo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoZiGaming_RBLX
Discord: kirb.is.awesome#6974

Thank you for reading and stay safe during these troubling times. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m sure you have great builds but I don’t think it’s the best thing to do making us download all of those pictures, if you don’t know how to make it show up differently I suggest you use Shift + Windows Key + S. Have a great day!

@penywaise I’m so sorry, the photo problem should be fixed now. There was a problem when uploading my photos.

Stay safe, John.

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Definitely Recommended, a great personality and Professional Work can be done by him :+1:

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Still open for commission this might be out of dates that’s why.
add me: The_MrCow#8254