[OPEN] Hiring Professional Ui Designer Starblox Cafe | 80k+ members

Starblox Cafe is currently in search of new developers.

Starblox Needs A:

Ui designer. We are looking for a Ui designer to make similar Ui’s to Pastriez’s Uis. We are looking to pay 25-55k for the UI’s to be made. (No, you are not scripting them) Example:

Contact: DesTheWhale#2020 or message me here on devforum


Interested in working with you.


Interested, contacted you at kirb.is.awesome#6974.

I will send more pictures in DMs.


Hey I could script this easily my portfolio: https://badles-game-design-portfolio.webnode.com/ and I have recently created a game myself from scratch so here is the link to that to test: [BETA 2.0!] Axe Simulator! - Roblox I have created pet systems for people before but I will have to dig through my old hard drives.

Interested, very interested here is my portfolio


I be willing to make Your Ui
but dose it include scripting just want to now like moving ui?
ok nvm just saw im not scripting them
look at my ui work


I recommend this guy :slight_smile: hes very good at what hes doing

Thank you, it really means a lot though sorry but… who are you?

Now that backfired, you dont know me but you’ve done something for my friend once

Ah, thanks so much, sorry I was just a little curious


Np lol but youre amazing at what you’re doing, i highly recommend u


Hi! Do you need a GFX Artist? If so, I’d be happy to oblige.

I am interested! My portfolio is currently being re-established. I can add you on Discord and send over my models.


Hi! I can help create some unique lighting. I have a good idea what to do with this low poly look you want. Here is my portfolio:

Hope I hear back soon!


What are some requirements for this?

Hello! I’m very interested in this job! I can do Building or Scripting! Here is my portfolio: [CLOSED] BoblingBuilds | Builder/Scripter

My Discord Username is: Bobling_101#5355

(Discord will only let me message you if you are in a server with me or you have friended me)

Can’t wait to see who gets accepted! :smiley:

Hey! I’m interested in this opportunity! Here’s my portfolio if you’d like to check it out. Contacts are at the bottom. Coleifornia - Building Portfolio

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Hey! I am interested in becoming a UI designer, here is my portfolio:

I don’t have any UI on there yet but I included it as it shows my art style

Here is a UI I made:

I am also very flexible with the style of my art.

Discord: Slenics#4701
Twitter: @SlenicsWasTaken

Yo, I specialize in creating UI design. You can view a few of my examples here: [OPEN] [USD Paypal] Jupiterc's UI & 2D Art (SATISFIED OR YOU DON'T PAY)

If you’re interested in my style contact me at Foul#7834.

I recommend prTESTAQ because his work is out of this world.