[CLOSED] Looking for a Builder to Create a Lobby for an Upcoming Game [R$30K+]

About Us

Hi there! We are RM Games, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for a builder to create the lobby for one of our upcoming games.

The Team
@TheM0rt0nator - Scripter/Builder
@HarryRus24 - Scripter/Builder

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to build a high quality low poly lobby for us. We expect high quality builds that adhere to our game’s style. Good communication skills are appreciated.


We are paying R$30K+ for the lobby. This pay is negotiable depending on quality/complexity. We are unsure of going rates, so have advertised for R$30K, but this is not concrete.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/TheM0rt0nator
You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Can we get more details on how big the lobby is and what will be the theme.
Heres my portfolio!
MrFieldThrow's Portfolio (Commissions are opened)


Just updated the post. I’m afraid we are not too sure about the size of the lobby, but ideally it wouldn’t exceed 200x200 studs.

I am interested and I have sent a dm on twitter!


Very interested in this! Sent a dm on twitter.


Hey im intrested, but could you give more Details about the Lobby?

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We aren’t 100% sure on all the details yet, but it would have a central area with some smaller areas coming off it. It would be a low poly build.

Alright if you are interested in hiring me you can DM me on discord 6XJ8#6281


Messaged you on Twitter, hoping to talk a bit more about this.


Might be interested. Check out my portfolio via Veteran builder, modeler



Interested in the position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800 if you want to discuss there. Here is my portfolio.

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We can talk more in PMs on dev forum of what lobby styles you want maybe give me a reference of how you want it to look and I can show you some of my past builds! (Btw message me on discord if u can at MR_Enforcement#1200

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Hey im interested, add my discord: MintyCreator#6864

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I’m interested, if you want you can contact me through discord: nikopacito#8737.

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I am interested, you can contact me on discord: MintyCreator#6864

hello, i am interested in building this! my discord and portfolio is down below


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I am interested in this job, I have 2 years of experience in building and I specialize in low poly.

My Portfolio

I have DM’ed you on Twitter @Mani_RBLX

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Interested, Arc#2777 (Please don’t randomly send a friend request if you’re not the owner of the forum)

I am interested in this, I do not have a portfolio up yet but I can send an example of my work on discord and make a sample too.


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