[Closed] Looking for a cafe builder. Payment in %

I’m looking for someone to help me build for my group Verticoes. I am looking for a decent builder and I will be paying you with 50% of percentage. What will happen is I will script while you build. If you want to help me out then contact me at Toxic#0720 (Discord), or Little_RichKid on ROBLOX. Also I will give you 10% of all group profits. The other 50% and 90% is going towards the group. Just contact me for more info.

You need about the job, payment, and contacts, you need more work on this please read the guidelines first.


I can’t find the guidelines for the information, do you know what rule it’s under?

If you’re looking to recruit, you should post in #public-collaboration:public-recruitment, not in the root collaboration category. Please refer to the guidelines thread posted under the category instead of the general rules thread. It contains guidelines and a thread template.

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Oh, sorry I didn’t see that category. Didn’t mean to post it in the wrong area.

I’m confused. At first you say 50% profit, and later you say 10%. Would you please clarify the payment?

It’s 50% for the game revenue, and 10% for the whole groups revenue.

Isn’t that virtually the same thing?


Don’t reccomend percentage or revenue, you don’t get a lot of robux towards percentage.

I might be potentially interested, but crucial details are missing in your post;

Let’s say that your group is already operating and has a V1, maybe I’m wrong, and that the builder taking on the project is building the V1 Cafe, but if that’s not the case, how much does your game actually make within a week. By that, I mean give a range of how much you can expect the game to make within the week, or even a month. Right now, I could be working on something worth 10-20k+ and only be getting a couple of thousand if I’m lucky within a few months.

Another thing you don’t mention is the size of the map you are looking for, should it be large, small? Do we have to build smaller props such as any of the machines required for drinks making? What style is the actual build? Are you going for a very modern style, or maybe more of an industrial feel? I have so many questions about this alone.

You also should probably tell us more about what you require? Should they have active communication with you, or what are the working hours going to be? Is there a certain deadline for the build to be completed within. Also, another thing about your payment but you’re very unlikely to get much success when you’re only offering a percentage, unless if you can provide those financial details that I addressed about your revenues.

I’m not asking you to answer all of these questions, but please consider all of the above next time whilst creating a hiring post!

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