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Welcome to Recruitment!

This subcategory is designed for team leaders to seek developers for long-term partnerships or short-term contract work. Replies to these topics should be users who are interested in these team positions or contracted development. Conversation should take place through private messages.

Topics in this subcategory will be automatically locked after 2 weeks of inactivity. This is to reduce the number of inactive offers.

Tips for Writing a Successful Recruitment Offer

1. Come Prepared
Please have a well thought out game idea in mind before posting an offer.

2. Make a Portfolio
Yes! Even if you are the one hiring, having a portfolio linked will help boost your credibility and give developers a reason to be interested in your offer.

3. Details
You should list exactly how much you’re offering for the work you need. If you’re hiring someone to work for a set price, the amount of work should be set as well (do NOT add extra work mid-way through a contract).

4. Offer a Contract
We highly suggest you take the time to create a contract!

5. Use tags!
If you tag your post as builder or programmer, it will be much easier for users to find it.

IF YOUR POST IS FULFILLED: preferably leave a reply and mark that as the solution, or add [CLOSED] in front of the title.


Don’t know how to start? We have a template recruitment offer here.

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