[CLOSED] Looking for a Sci-Fi Lobby Builder (Short-Term)

About Your Future Team

Z Productions is an old group of developers who started as friends. Over time, we have recruited more and more developers, and you, too, will find an incredibly inviting and rewarding atmosphere in which you will grow and contribute to players’ entertainment.

The Team
@DerpyMcDerpell—Lead developer, builder, GUI designer, animator, and game designer
@Zeumus—Scripter and game designer

About The Job

We’re looking for someone who enjoys a friendly atmosphere and will also get the job done. We are building a futuristic lobby even though our maps are not futuristic (due to the game’s backstory). We hope to find someone capable of building in detail and precision.

Builds for this game (not futuristic)

Why Are You Searching for Another Developer?

We have agreed that the scripting of the game will begin once there are three complete maps and a lobby. Due to these having to be quite large, development is not always at its quickest point. We’re looking for someone who has expertise in futuristic building in order to create the best lobby possible to contrast the seemingly modern maps of the game but still feel like it’s part of the same world.


Due to this being a one-time job, I’m offering a different plan. My other developers are receiving consistent percentages for their work matching the amount of work they have done; however, since you will only be building one thing for us (unless plans change), I will be giving you a larger and negotiable percentage (if you contribute enough to earn a larger one) of the Robux made by the game for the first three months and lower your cut afterwards. The percentage after these three months and may be increased or decreased, but you will be receiving some of the profit for as long as you wish.

If this does not satisfy you, we can talk about trying something else!

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord. My tag is @DerpyMcDerpell#7788. You may also reply here. If you know anyone else who might be interested, show them this!

You must be thirteen or older to apply. Thanks for considering this opportunity!


im interested send you a friend request Sparkly#9638

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