[CLOSED] Looking for professional logo designer

Hey everyone.

I am currently looking for an experienced logo designer. My group is Boba, focused on the Cafe role play genre. My icon has been very outdated for about a year now. I am currently seeking to hire a professional logo designer for ROBUX pay.

Here are some examples of logos:
Ignore the backgrounds of the logos.

I do not do USD. I will pay anywhere from 1-5k depending how good the logo is.

I will not go first in pay unless you are a trusted designer in the ROBLOX community.

You may contact me via Twitter or Discord. Twitter: OfficialFlezent. Discord: Flezent#0001.

Please leave your portfolio down below. I will only click links that lead to a dev forum page.

If you are still learning logo’s and are not that experienced please do not spam my Dm’s regarding this job.



Interested! I sent a friend request Dvd#9878

Made this example really quick to show you an example:


Scroll down comments for more work

Very nice creations but, I am actually looking for a creator that is more complex.

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I updated my post to show you my skills

Hello! I am very interested in this position, I’m a GFX artist with 2 years of experience, and 5 years of graphic design. I could definitely make 2D art such as this. I create my own icons, and don’t use icons from free websites to prevent issues. Here is my portfolio: Juno | GFX Artist/Designer - #39 by pixfui

My Discord is Ink!#8185 and I’ve shot you a friend request. :happy3:

I can work! Do contact me on DevForums

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