[CLOSED] Meso - Hiring Builder, Scripter, UI-Designer & many more!

About Us
Hi there! Meso is a brand new restaurant bringing a unique take on Mexican-influenced fast food to ROBLOX! We are currently looking to fill a variety of development positions in our group. We want to work with you: we would love to hire pay-based long-term development staff or pay for single orders.

You can check out Meso here: Meso - Roblox

The Team
@Oasv - President, Founder, & Graphic Design
@Zamvoid - Building & Architecture
@Ayphio - VP & Lead Developer

About The Work
We are looking for experienced scripters, machine builders, and experienced 3D modelers to join our team or take a one-time commission. We hope that you can work at an efficient pace and keep up with deadlines. We also hope you will be able to provide timely updates on projects.

Food Machines


We are looking for an assembly-line layout of various ingredients for a taco/burrito/burrito bowl (exactly the layout and function of the machines in a Chipotle restaurant). The machines will be hopper styled, as each ingredient has a special bin. A user should be able to select a tortilla, taco shell, or bowl and add ingredients from the various bins by clicking. The user should be able to skip any of the ingredients and still be able to add those further down the assembly line, exactly how an employee at Chipotle would fulfill an order with a customer. After finishing a burrito or taco, the worker should be able to hand the tool to another play who then can consume it with a simple eating animation. After finishing a bowl, the worker should be able to hand the tool to a customer who can then click to eat the bowl with a spoon.

Ingredient Categories:

  • (Mandatory to Start) Food type: Burrito Bowl / Burrito (Flour or Corn) / Taco Shell (Flour or Corn)
  • (Customer Choice) Rice: White / Brown
  • (Customer Choice) Beans: Pinto or Black
  • (Customer Choice) Filling: Carnitas / Barbacoa / Chicken / Steak / Veggies
  • (Customer Choice) Salsa: Hot / Mild / Medium / Corn
  • (Customer Choice) Romaine Lettuce
  • (Customer Choice) Guacamole
  • (Customer Choice) Cheese

After completing, the burrito would be rolled and handed / Bowl handed / Taco handed

Mobile Ordering


Aside from the machines, we are also looking for a mobile ordering system. This would allow a user to purchase a game pass to access this ability. The system would function between a gui interface on the customer and a screen in the kitchen. A user would open the mobile order gui and be presented with the previous options from the machine in a checklist format. After a user has submitted a mobile order, a user in the kitchen would be able to accept this order by clicking a button on the screen. Upon acceptance, the user is presented with a gui that displays the information of the mobile order and an ESP-like method to track down the user who submitted the mobile order. The worker gui should have a ‘complete’ and ‘cancel’ option.

We can pay in USD or Robux, shoot us your pricing. We don’t currently have a budget or price range lined up for this as we know it is mildly complex and combines UI, scripting, animation, and building. We’d love to negotiate with you on what you’d like to be paid.

Contact Us
Let us know by posting a reply if interested!

Thanks for reading!


I think i can do the food machines for you, and i might be able to do the mobile ordering


I am very interested. I think I can do all that you are asking for.

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Hey! I’m really interested. I find the restaurant idea really cool, but I may be not good enough. I can show you a bit my work if you want. But first check my portfolio (not completely updated but still) https://devforum.roblox.com/t/phitrux-translator-and-asset-modeler/532813 Thanks for reading me! Have a good day!

We still have positions available.

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Portfolio: [OPEN] Mashdee | UI Designer | Graphics Designer |


Hello, are you looking for Graphic Artist’s? If so, I can send examples. If you are send me a friend request on Discord - pruhjectiles#1156.

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List me the full task details, I’ll be able to get it done.

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Here’s my portfolio, if you like these, I can do an example for what could be.

Link: - [OPEN] Pruhjectiles Graphic Design Portfolio

I see from the title you are looking for builders. I am interested in that position: mind that I don’t use Blender. Pure ROBLOX Studio.
I can make some machines / ingredient containers, as well as i can finish the restaurant build alongside with the centers.

Shoot me a DM on discord: kirb.is.awesome#0071.

I can build for ya shoot my discord Editorze#4963

Do you need a GFX designer by any chance?

That’s not what this forum is about.

I can build for you, just DM me and i can send you examples. - andrew.#4563

I’m a GFX artist, need any? :slight_smile:

I am selling pre-orders for an Ordering System called SmartOrders: SmartOrders Information

If you are interested DM me on discord: xJxck_yy#7636

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I have sent you a friend request on discord, hoping to get some more information about the job, Thanks.

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Still looking for a builder or modeller?

I am interested, contact me on Discord if the position is still available - Espelk#7058

Espelk's Building Portfolio (hasn’t been updated in a while, but will be updating it soon)

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I’m interested, I have better examples for this sort of work I can show if you want to proceed


I’d like to apply as scripter how do I contact you?