[CLOSED] New Game Development Team Looking For Developers!

Are you looking for an environmental artist or a lighting expert? Here is my portfolio if you are interested.

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Greetings. I am interested in the interface designer position.
Portfolio: [OPEN] Interface Designer for hire!
Discord: EggcellentHumor#1337
Thanks for reading.

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You may want to ask @VoqqheKNG for proof, as he is paying and I am not.

EDIT: Also, what suspicions are you talking about?

You already work for our studio, so you’re in! :slight_smile:

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If you want, I would be happy to work as a clothing designer for you and your group!

I am happy to adjust my prices!

Portfolio: [OPEN] MissMae15 - Clothing Commissions

Hello, I know it says programmer next to my name, but I’m also an animator, so that’s what I’m applying for. I have not made a portfolio for animating yet so I’ll link a game with solely my animations.
Discord: The1CatBoots#9050
Edit: Here is my portfolio for animating. (Note I also have my portfolio for scripting on here, but you can ignore that part.)

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I can work for you as a builder.

Here are some images of my work

Hope you will hire me. :slight_smile:

Contact me on Discord Or on Developer Forums:

2D Images

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Also I can guarantee he is not scamming.
I’ve worked for him and he doesn’t lie about the work.

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I don’t have a portfolio but I have examples


I would love to work with you. Contact me on Discord Dev_Kittenz#2620 if you’re interested.
Here is my portfolio:

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Hello! im willing to be a animator.

I’m interested into animating for the game!

Could you please show your portfolios below to help us decide? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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What about a couple of examples?

Sure, either works for me! Please try to put the animations not tied to a link and also have them under this thing:

Hiding Effect

Animations would go here…

Here they are




Hi, everyone! Here’s the update on the positions:

The Builder positions have been filled by @Gucci_Dabs222 & @Turkeyboythankful.
The UI positions have been filled by @Adiirex & @EggcellentHumor.

The Scripter and Animator positions are still open! For those of you who have posted portfolios for the Animator position, do not worry, we are just waiting for @IQ_Dev to post his/hers (if/she he will).

Congratulations to all who are now recruited!



Open the scripter position, I already applied to another post.

Ok, I will immediately. Sorry to see you go!