[CLOSED] New Game Development Team Looking For Developers!

NOTE: DO NOT read below as recruitment is permanently closed!


About Us

Hi there! We are an upcoming development team looking to stand out with game ideas never before seen in Roblox!

The Team (Roblox Usernames)

@VoqqheKNG - Idea Planner, Scripter, UI Designer
@R0bl0x10501050 - Project Manager, Scripter, Builder
@CouldBeYou - Scripter (1 slot available)
@Gucci_Dabs222 - Builder
@Turkeyboythankful - Builder
@Adiirex - UI Designer
@EggcellentHumor - UI Designer
@CouldBeYou - Animator (1 slot available)

About The Jobs

Here is what will be expected of each developer:

What The Game Will Look Like


:green_circle: = Open, :red_circle: = Closed


Status: :green_circle:

You must have ~1 year of experience, be able to tween UIs, script damage indicators, and a combat system.


Status: :red_circle:

You must build in a low-poly style that will fit the theme of the game.

UI Designers

Status: :red_circle:

You will create a full set of UI for the game. It will be similar to the UI in the reference image.


Status: :green_circle:

You will create multiple combat animations, and perhaps a few victory animations for a winning team to play.


Scripter: 5K - 7K Robux

Low-Poly Builders: 4K - 5K Robux each

UI Designers: 4K - 6K Robux each

Animator: 3K - 5K Robux

Contact Us

For more information, you may contact:
@VoqqheKNG - Idea Planner
@R0bl0x10501050 - Project Manager

To apply, please reply below with your portfolio.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


From post-creation:
9m later: Opened Builders & UI Designers
3d later: Closed Scripter, Builders, and UI Designers
3d later: Opened Scripter
9d later: Paused recruiting due to a communication problem.


DO you have proof of payment due to suspicions from your profile and your history

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Are you looking for an environmental artist or a lighting expert? Here is my portfolio if you are interested.

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Greetings. I am interested in the interface designer position.
Portfolio: [OPEN] Interface Designer for hire!
Discord: EggcellentHumor#1337
Thanks for reading.

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You may want to ask @VoqqheKNG for proof, as he is paying and I am not.

EDIT: Also, what suspicions are you talking about?

You already work for our studio, so you’re in! :slight_smile:

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If you want, I would be happy to work as a clothing designer for you and your group!

I am happy to adjust my prices!

Portfolio: MissMae15 | Clothing Designer

Hello, I know it says programmer next to my name, but I’m also an animator, so that’s what I’m applying for. I have not made a portfolio for animating yet so I’ll link a game with solely my animations.
Discord: The1CatBoots#9050
Edit: Here is my portfolio for animating. (Note I also have my portfolio for scripting on here, but you can ignore that part.)

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I can work for you as a builder.

Here are some images of my work

Hope you will hire me. :slight_smile:

Contact me on Discord Or on Developer Forums:

2D Images

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Also I can guarantee he is not scamming.
I’ve worked for him and he doesn’t lie about the work.

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I don’t have a portfolio but I have examples


I would love to work with you. Contact me on Discord Dev_Kittenz#2620 if you’re interested.
Here is my portfolio:

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Hello! im willing to be a animator.

I’m interested into animating for the game!

Could you please show your portfolios below to help us decide? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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What about a couple of examples?

Sure, either works for me! Please try to put the animations not tied to a link and also have them under this thing:

Hiding Effect

Animations would go here…

Here they are




Hi, everyone! Here’s the update on the positions:

The Builder positions have been filled by @Gucci_Dabs222 & @Turkeyboythankful.
The UI positions have been filled by @Adiirex & @EggcellentHumor.

The Scripter and Animator positions are still open! For those of you who have posted portfolios for the Animator position, do not worry, we are just waiting for @IQ_Dev to post his/hers (if/she he will).

Congratulations to all who are now recruited!