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Operatik, Composer and Scripter

That’s me!

About Me

Hello, I am a composer focusing on mostly ambient and background sounds and have been composing for over a year or two. Previously have been expertising other aspects such as building, scripting and many more. This portfolio for now is towards composing for now.

I have also been previously working on a game called Radispook, which was one of my largest scripting project to be public.


A juggernaut-based game concept, originally thought with gamemodes. The art was based on a friend’s artwork which me and @ObrenTune have been working on. As of now, there has been inactivity on the project.

The Grand Chronoscapes
An album of vibrant, atmospheric and synthesized songs. Used to resonate with my own feelings.

Soundtrack Project
A project that was brought up by an idea, with multiple inspirations, mainly of any ambient soundtracks like Deus Ex. Corporate.


Variable time. Guaranteed after 5 PM to 7 PM during weekdays, otherwise 3 PM to 7 PM.
Central European Time.



Track Length

  • 0:00-0:30 tracks : 20 dollars or 5,700 robux
  • 0:30-2:00 tracks : 45 dollars or 13,000 robux
  • 2:00-5:00 tracks : 75 dollars or 22,000 robux
  • 5:00+ tracks : 120 dollars or 34,000 robux


  • <130 BPM: 0.8x
  • 130-150 BPM : 1x
  • 150+ BPM : 1.25x

Note 1: Mixing complexity varies, may or may not increase or decrease the pricing.
Note 2: I am not reponsible for uploading the audios to Roblox.


Unavailable. Not open.


Composing cmmissions are open, not scripting. Payment options include:

  • PayPal
  • Group funds(robux)


You can either contact me here on the DevForum in PMs or alternatively below:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Operatik
Discord: Operatik#1235

Feel free to contact me for further inquiries!


Hey, Operatik I dmed you. I hope you see me. As we are interested in working together.

Finally! The legend has a porfolio! I can’t wait to hear your music in all my favorite games! Woo!!


Great work! Although I cannot afford your services currently, I would love to commission a song from you in the future.

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:dizzy_face: Wow composers get paid that much!?
I once made a 3:00 track for 100 robux. Jeez i gotta up my game cause I do have some skill. Maybe I should charge higher :thinking:

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Haha, turns out that sheet is old, I gotta update it one day.

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Lol :joy: how long have you been composing anyway? People seem to really know you.

About two years or three for now.

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Wow. Well I definitely have a long way to go to get to that level. xD