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Should I upload a “Portfolio” or “Commission sheet”?

I’m not an artist. I don’t really know how to quantify the sense I get when I see them. I wish I could be more help, but i hope all the best for you.

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You don’t think I should even sell them for 25 Robux?

Never hurts to try. There may be somebody out there who will pay you for them.

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That gives me hope, but kinda hurt at the same time LOL
also 1 more question, are we aloud to cuss here?

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No. Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

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Aggression and profanity directed at other users are not allowed
does that mean I can cuss if I’m not cussing at another person?

Well, I think people are not hiring you because you just made the GFX characters and add a stroke for them. Maybe add a cool background as well than people will hire you.

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What do you mean a cool background? People use them for profile pictures so it primarily only shows their head. If I need to add a “cool background” then I will.

I believe you can’t because the DevForums tell you to be professional. Anyways, you won’t be able to find (or if you do, that’s really rare) a post with swear words.

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I would ask a Community Sage because they work closely with DevRelations and actually have a weekly meeting with them if I am correct. I’d say you can if it isn’t directed at anyone. Roblox themselves have cussed on posts actually.

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While this is indeed amateur work, I’m sure that with practice and dedication, you’ll end up getting better.

Your work looks great! There is one thing in particular that I would recommend. If I were you, I would use brighter colors, or maybe some small particles or effects. Just try to make the pictures pop a little more, you want people to say “Hey! That looks bright and cool, let me check this out!”.

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Yes, i’ve been trying heres a newer piece of work i made


Now that is what I’m talking about! This looks great. Try not to sharpen up the text so much though.

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what do you mean by sharpen? And thank you! :slight_smile:dm me if ya want one

This will essentially apply to your artwork:

Anyways, I’m going to have to “roast” you a little so get ready, hopefully this criticism helps you :+1: (Though please take this with a grain of salt, I’ve never really been hired except from one person multiple times, hopefully this helps you regardless.)


Your artwork’s shading is way too plain, yes it look soft and nice, but it admittedly is a little too plain. It looks like you took the same lighting room for each and every single character, I dont recommend doing that.

Change lighting to fit your characters design, aesthetic, mood, feel, etc.

As you can see here in one of my works I did for a friend for practice, I suited the lighting to what he liked (though depending on it, you can find a way to suit a gfx towards a player’s personality). Anyways, hes a fire lad, he likes fire, and so I gave him fire.

You can see different contrasts and tints of orange hinting at the blazing flames in the background on the character, with the bottom floor showing a bold orange and yellow.

However, normal and more softer lighting/calm lighting still applies:

Here you can see a yellow/bright yet somewhat calm lighting. Its not too intense and gets the message across fairly well that they’re normal.


As you can see here, one GFX I did when I was albeit, a little lazy, is still readable even if its somewhat dark. You can see myself holding the cube staring at it with blue light over my body/head.

Its important in making sure people can read and see your GFX and the message you’re trying to send across.

Try This: Run around then glance at your gfx from afar, if you can easily tell what they’re doing, good job, if not, try making it more exaggerated/readable.



Your character poses are very linear. All I’m seeing you either one, tilting your character’s head or two, changing the camera angle a little above or below. This is boring, not trying to be mean but its boring for posing.

Exaggerate poses to the fullest potential you can. (Naruto takes it a little too far but its a good example). Here is another example I did:

I will admit this is albeit a bit overkill however, as you can see, my arms look large yet still much more interesting to look at (its totally not a Jojo refernece), and the camera tilt adds to the intensity.

You may have no noticed in that artwork though is that I’ve actually enlarged the body parts on my feet and arms to add emphasis and exaggeration yet it still looks perfectly fine :ok_hand:.


This goes along, albeit briefly, a little with character posing however, it’s a realm of its own. Good composition requires you to make interesting camera angles that show the action instead of blocking it. Its your “Message” or “Meat” of your GFX, it makes the interest enticing, the show amazing. However, failing composition will fail every single part. Having good composition can somewhat save lighting and other parts, thats how important it is.

Lets take yours for example:
I can see here that the character seems very happy… and thats about it? I mean, I think their name is Kadrava but I can’t tell anything else about it. Although composition is difficult, it is very much possible to fix it.

You can fix it by showing more of the body, exaggerate a pose, have them sitting relaxing, or having a yum face when eating ice cream. Anything to express the message of the player.

Now- (Sorry that this is getting repetitive if I’m showing alot of my images), heres an example of a charcater pose I did for myself (its a little blurry tho ngl).

As you can see here, the camera is looking beneath “me”, showing an assertive type of power. The way the chest is up shows a little bit of basically, “yea Idc”. Essentially, give the GFX a message, there is always going to have to be a message to make it interesting.

Regardless though, practice makes perfect. As long as you keep hammering hard at it, you will get there :+1:

god im quitting gfx this makes me notice how horrible i am at it. thank you spending your time writing this reply though

By sharpen, if you look at the edges of the letters you can see how it looks very rough. It isn’t smooth and it makes it look bad. So try to keep your text edges softer.

how do i soften it? thats how the font is, and the outline is sharp