[CLOSED] Programmer Needed


This is an old portfolio that I didn’t update for a while. I’d be glad to provide you more work that I have completed in Discord.

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I am interested! I fit all the requirements requested above. Contact me on Discord at RazorDot117#5440 for examples of work. I have not uploaded everything onto discord in terms of scripting examples!



Hi. I sent you a request on discord, my user is warphi#5840. Pop me a message when you can.

My Discord is mike le b5#0001

read more about me here [OPEN] Wqund - Scripter
discord : PirateDev#4309

Hello, I’m intrested and i fit all the requirements. Here’s my portfolio!
Discord: wraith#0276

I sent you a friend request (Plain English#0001).I can provide a portfolio on there.

Hey just to catch up. I replied to this post a while ago but my friend request was never accepted. My discord is SkyKurr#9748. Thanks!

Hey Sir, I was planning to message you but my friend request was never accepted. Can you please accept it?

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