[CLOSED] Programmer Needed

Hey sent you are FR. SkyKurr#9748. All the assets and my portfolio will be provided there.

My website is down, Although I would be happy to show past work over discord.

Do you still need a scripter?

My discord: GoldenEye#4063

Sent a dm, my user is Ciara#6759

Hello, I am here to apply for the programmer position at British Army. I think that I fit all the requirement mentioned in your post.
Here is my portfolio : [CLOSED] Experienced Programmer | BadlyDev's Portfolio
If you have any questions do not hesitate.
You can contact me via discord : ItsChoco#0902
- Josh (BadlyDev)

Let me know when the time comes that you need a composer. Interested in this project you have going on. Here’s my Portfolio. - austin#9207


Austin is wonderful to work with, he cares greatly about the composure, exuberance and dynamics within each song. His work shines brightly in the genres of Synth wave, Jazz, and has created a very smooth and inspiring music set for Vehicle Simulator.
I recommend and will continue to work with Austin on music.
Thank you,

I’m a experienced scripter, I have been scripting for about 2 years. I am interested to join, please message me on forum, I have messaged you as well on forum. Thanks! Also the best payment method is, robux. Not USD.

I updated the information based on what your knowledge must be and payment methods.

Job as a Scripter - #33 - would rather message on developer forum. But here what ever you need.

Is there an amount of hours the scripter should be expecting to work a week?

Hello we expect between 20-25 hours a week.

To be fair what we’re looking for the most is that our programmer(s) can meet the deadlines of our projects.

I am very interested in applying.
You may find my portfolio here

Discord: Jayy_N#0001

I am interested in applying

Discord: b_roham⚡#0001

Portfolio: [OPEN] b_roham | Lua Programmer/Web Developer

Interested. User is CryptonixDev#8595.

I’m interested in applying, my portfolio can be found here.

My discord tag is Mrflashmaster#6525

Please send me your portfolio when you get the chance!

Already done! Check when possible.

Hey, I am interested in this position! I have also sent you a message on discord.
Discord: nick#2007

Portfolio: [OPEN] | nickglazed’s Portfolio | Scripting Portfolio

Looking forward to your response!


Hello, I’m highly interested in joining your team!
Here’s my portfolio

Discord: Psitulasek#4836

Hey there! I’m interested in taking this position.
My portfolio can be found here.

Discord: Zenolabs#4009